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There are a wide variety of reasons why auto accidents might occur. The accident lawyer examines injury cases involving pedestrians, negligent drivers, distracted drivers, young drivers, intoxicated drivers, and elderly drivers every week.

Sadly, many of these accidents caused injuries to those who were not to blame. Additionally, they appear to occur after usual business hours. To help you if you are in an motor vehicle accident, the Tucson automobile accident attorneys are available day and night.

Working with their group gives you access to over 80 years of collective professional experience. Their Tucson, Arizona, serious motor vehicle accident attorneys have successfully recovered up to $265,000 in settlements for the client’s injuries. Their client references attest to their capacity to assist them in dealing with insurance claims, obstinate defendants, and even catastrophic losses.

 The Factors Influencing Today’s Auto Accidents

 Every car collision is different. However, several common factors frequently result in severe property damage or personal injury for drivers. These consist of the following:

  •  Driving while distracted
  • Risky driving conditions
  • Driving when intoxicated by alcohol or drugs
  • Broken down vehicles
  • Angry Driver

 To ascertain which of these forces contributed to your losses, you must examine the evidence discovered at the accident scene. Physical indications of distress, roadside detritus, and behaviors detailed in police records can all be considered reliable evidence.

 The best course of action is to trace the signs of damage at the scene back to their natural origin because the evidence is required to prove liability in a civil vehicle accident case. You can claim that a specific party violated the duty of care owed to you more forcefully after you have all the necessary proof in your possession.

 Injured in a wreck

Consult a knowledgeable Tucson car accident attorney if you or a loved one has been wounded in a collision. Don’t hesitate to contact today if you need a personal injury attorney who will fight for the rights of car accident victims! They have a reputation for pursuing the highest amount of compensation.

 Put the most knowledgeable accident lawyer to work for you. The following are examples of auto-related disputes for which injured victims contact their legal firm:

  •  Multi-car collisions
  • Ample truck and 18-wheeler accidents
  • D.U.I.D.U.I. accidents
  • Accidents involving cabs
  • Hitting pedestrians while driving away
  • Teenage driver vehicle collisions
  • Bus collisions
  • ATV mishaps
  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Wrongful death automobile collisions
  • Additionally, accidents involving senior drivers.

 Vehicle Accident Evidence

 After an accident, the driver’s negligence may seem evident to you, but proving it in an auto accident lawsuit is a whole different matter. The other driver’s insurance company will demand proof that you were injured due to their negligence. Without sufficient evidence, they can argue that you were at fault for the incident or that your injuries are unrelated, exempting them from paying for them.

 Most of your evidence will come from the first few moments following your auto collision. It would help if you got in touch with the police after seeking medical attention so they may evaluate the accident scene and look into what they think caused it. You may be able to submit a report with the local police or online later to present your side of the story in specific circumstances, such as if you are critically hurt and taken to the hospital. Police records can be beneficial in determining what caused an accident and who was at fault.


 How much can tucson car accident lawyer be compensated?

 Because every car accident claim is different, numerous elements determine the worth of a case, which you can review with an experienced car accident lawyer.

 You might be qualified for a variety of awards, depending on the particulars of your car accident injury claim :

 Economic Damages

 These are the harms connected to monetary losses:

  •  Having surgery to heal your wounds
  • Medications that your doctor has recommended
  • Tests such as X-rays, M.R.I.sM.R.I.s, and blood tests
  • Physical or occupational therapy
  • Follow-up consultations
  • Loss of pay for any days or hours missed at work.
  • If you cannot work in the same capacity or field as previously, you have lost your ability to earn money.
  • The price to replace or repair your car
  • Medical expenses
  • Repair or replacement costs for other personal belongings destroyed in the collision.

 Non-Economic Damages

 These are the crash’s medical and psychological effects, including:

  •  Physical disability
  • Incapacity or deformity
  • Distress and suffering
  • Emotional angst
  • The inability to enjoy life
  • Loss of friendship

 Arizona has no restrictions on economic or non-economic damages, so your Tucson automobile accident lawyer may be able to seek the highest compensation possible for your losses.

 Using State Deadlines to File a Complaint

 After a car accident, you have limited time to file a lawsuit in Arizona.

 All injured parties may file a lawsuit under A.R.S.A.R.S. 12-542 within two years of the day their accident occurred. If you want a court to consider your losses, your complaint must be filed with the county clerk within those two years.

 If you miss this period, you lose your ability to seek damages for your losses from the vehicle accident formally. You might get financial assistance from your insurer, but you cannot ask the person who is purportedly at fault for your accident to shoulder your financial burden.

 In light of this, speak with a accident lawyer as soon as you can following an accident. They file a complaint more quickly the earlier you contact their office.

 Why Do I Need car accident lawyers?

 The numerous benefits of working with a lawyer over representing yourself in court. Accident victims who have legal counsel frequently receive higher settlements than those who do not.

 At Phillips Law Group, their collective experience representing injury victims spans decades. Accident lawyer knows well about the legal system and how to deal with insurance providers who want to reject your claim outright or settle for much less than it may be worth.

 Their devoted team of attorneys is prepared to investigate car accidents, photograph the scene and obtain medical records and other evidence.

 Insurance firms frequently get in touch with accident victims shortly after the collision. You must be careful not to divulge too much information regarding the accident. Any information that can be used against you by insurance firms is sought after.

 They might try to persuade you to give a recorded statement even though you are not required to. They might even try to get you to confess that you were to blame for something.

 It’s crucial to wait to sign anything until you’ve discussed your claim with a lawyer. Tucson car accident attorneys of Phillips Law Group are ready to negotiate with insurance providers on your behalf.

 Contact a Tucson Auto Accident Attorney

 Tucson car accident attorneys would happily talk with you if you were hurt in a car accident case. They have helped accident victims in Arizona for over 27 years, and they have a track record of obtaining compensation.

 If they accept your case, there is no cost or obligation on your part for the initial meeting with one of their accident lawyers, and there are no up-front expenses. Visit a conveniently located office to speak with a lawyer about your choices.  

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