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You likely spend most of your time away from your house at work. Your risk of injury in a personal injury accident may significantly rise if you work in a dangerous setting. Legally, it is your employer’s responsibility to keep the workplace safe.

Any accident that occurs while a worker is carrying out tasks under the purview of their employment is considered a work accident. Workplace injuries don’t need to appear in the actual workplace. Workplace accidents include mishaps when doing chores connected to the job off-site, such as carrying items.

 Types of injuries at the workplace

Construction accident attorneys in San Antonio

You must retain legal representation as soon as possible if you or a family member has been hurt in a construction accident in San Antonio because it is crucial to preserve evidence and speak with witnesses. Involving multiple participants and injured workers, workplace accidents are frequently complicated occurrences.

The earlier you contact a lawyer to work on your case, the better. Their San Antonio construction accident attorney at the Law Offices of George Salinas is aware that victims of construction accidents frequently suffer life-altering injuries.

 Common San Antonio construction accidents and injuries

 Accidents involving significant injuries are all too often due to the use of hazardous heavy equipment, incomplete and unstable structures, and a range of people doing various duties. On workers’ compensation benefits, frequent mishaps include:

 Falls – Working at heights, such as on ladders, scaffolding, and roofs, is necessary for many construction occupations. Working at heights significantly increases the risk of damage from falls.

Although safety equipment is supposed to be used by construction crews to avoid falls, employees frequently misuse it, or the equipment is subpar or broken. Construction workers often seek compensation when they fall from a height, medical bills such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, shattered bones, and internal injuries.

 Accidents using power tools – Using power saws, sanders, nail guns, drills, grinders, and other devices is essential in the construction industry. When utilizing power tools, numerous accidents can happen, some of which might cause serious injury.

Power tools have the potential to recover compensation resulting in severe lacerations, puncture wounds, eye injuries, and amputations of limbs, fingers, or extremities.

 Heavy equipment mishaps – Some construction activities need the use or operation of heavy machinery, such as bulldozers, dump trucks, or cranes. Anyone nearby is at risk of suffering a significant injury if a big piece of equipment malfunctions or an operator makes a mistake. When caught in a bit of large machinery, some construction workers suffer crushing injuries to their limbs or other body parts.

 Striking by things:  There are numerous opportunities for construction workers to be struck by objects. A person working below could sustain head trauma and other severe injuries if a construction worker in a high area drops a tool or a piece of construction equipment. Additionally, heavy cranes or other machinery parts might sling items that can hit a worker in the construction industry, seriously injuring them.

 Electrocutions – Working with high voltage tools and equipment and installing, connecting, or disconnecting electrical systems is frequently a part of building or renovating. 

Lawyer for Oil Rig Accidents in San Antonio

According to the Texas Department of Insurance’s Division of Workers’ Compensation, the state’s mining and natural resources sector experienced nearly 1,600 occupational injuries in 2017. Most private oil and gas extraction businesses with more than 11 employees have reported these injuries.

Every wounded worker needed at least a few days off from work, but nearly half had injuries that were severe enough to force them to miss more than a month. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of their San Antonio oil rig accident attorneys if you were hurt to learn more about your legal options for compensation.

 Along with the physical suffering that comes with sustaining a catastrophic accident on an oil rig, there is also a good deal of emotional and financial stress.


As long as the injured party was not acting deliberately negligently while working, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) carry a workers’ compensation coverage insurance program and pays benefits to those who were hurt on a land-based oil rig.

However, workers’ compensation systems in San Antonio or elsewhere typically do not fully compensate sufferers of work-related injuries. Additionally, some carriers reduce compensation and reject claims. In other situations, a third party may have caused harm.

 San Antonio Auto Accident Attorneys

 Automobile accident attorneys defend the rights of the injured against unfair law firm tactics.

 Insurance firms stand up for their corporate interests, not that of the victims. Insurance usually covers simple problems like fixing a flat tire. However, when it comes to collisions involving passenger injuries or property damage, insurance companies will use abusive tactics to try and pay as little as possible and leave victims unprotected, such as compelling them to sign statements or indemnities for meager compensation. At the same time, they’re still in shock from the collision.

 Due to a payment strategy known as contingency fees, you won’t have to pay anything upfront while working with a San Antonio automobile accident attorney.

 With the help of a qualified vehicle accident lawyer, you may be able to recover damages for your and your loved ones’ pain, suffering, mental anguish, and sadness, as well as any lost wages resulting from the accident.

 When Can a Work Injury Personal Injury Claim Be Filed?

On-the-job injury sufferers frequently think that their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy is the only source of reimbursement for their losses. While this is typically the route used by workplace injury claims in San Antonio, there are some situations when you can file a personal injury lawsuit in its place.

 Injury claim because of the following:

 Product Liability

If a dangerous or faulty product was to blame for your injuries, you could sue the maker for damages.

 Your employer’s deliberate choices or actions –

 Your employer might occasionally act or make decisions knowing full well how risky they are to you. Your San Antonio on-the-job injury attorney could assist you in bringing a personal injury claim against your employer, which is separate from any workers’ compensation insurance policy if their intentional actions caused you harm.

 Third-Party Involvement –

People who often deal with people unrelated to their line of work as part of their job duties frequently file these types of lawsuits. One of these instances may be a San Antonio bus driver who suffered injuries in a collision caused by another vehicle. You can file a personal injury claim against the party at fault in certain situations to obtain compensation.

 Missing Workers’ Compensation Insurance

You are not obligated to give up your right to compensation if your employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance or opts not to. In these situations, you can sue your employer for your injuries through a personal injury claim.

 Toxic substances

Occasionally, work-related injuries are caused by the substances needed to execute a particular task. You might be able to claim the maker of the dangerous material if it was the cause of your injuries or illness.

 Personal injury claims versus workers’ compensation in San Antonio, Texas

 Following an accident at work, you have two significant choices: submitting a workers’ compensation claim or suing your employer for negligence. A third choice may be available if someone other than your employer is responsible for your injuries: submitting a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party injury workplace injury lawsuit. Your financial recovery from a workplace injury may be maximized if you pursue many avenues of compensation.

 Although obtaining workers’ compensation may be more straightforward (you do not need to demonstrate carelessness to qualify), it might result in less money than a negligence lawsuit in San Antonio, Texas. Workplace injury attorneys’ claims cover only two-thirds of your lost wages, subject to a weekly maximum.

Additionally, it does not cover punitive damages, lost quality of life, or pain and suffering. On the other hand, a successful injury claim may cover noneconomic losses and all your lost wages. A lawyer can assist you in choosing the best course of action for your work accident claim.

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