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The governmental organization managing various public transit services in the Philadelphia region is the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). It runs five distinct vehicles: electric trolley buses, regional commuter trains, underground and elevated trains, and buses.

The regrettable truth is that septa accidents do happen and will continue to happen, sometimes resulting in significant injury to the people involved, even though public transportation is typically highly safe.

Accident victims of the SEPTA accident may be eligible for substantial financial compensation for their injuries, including reimbursement for lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and medical costs. It would help if you were careful to get in touch with one of The Levin Firm’s skilled Philadelphia personal injury attorneys as soon as possible to guarantee that you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

Philadelphia septa accident lawyers work hard to hold the persons accountable for their client’s injuries because they have the legal expertise and information required to assist you in bringing your claim to a successful conclusion.

 Injury Lawyer for SEPTA in Philadelphia

 Suppose you or a loved one was hurt in a motor vehicle accident crash, whether you were a passenger in a SEPTA vehicle or a driver or passenger of a car hit by a SEPTA vehicle. Call to schedule a consultation with a Philadelphia SEPTA accident Attorney. They can assist you and provide all potential clients with a free consultation.

 SEPTA Accident Types

These factors influence personal injury claims:

 Bus accident.

Every year, millions of passengers are transported by a septa bus in Pennsylvania, which serves several areas. Although taking a bus to work is generally a safe method of transportation, incidents involving septa accidents have been linked to driver mistakes, poor maintenance, and carelessness. Unfortunately, those riding buses involved in incidents may get significant injuries such as head trauma, facial injuries, back injuries, shattered bones, etc.

Transport Accidents.

 Although SEPTA’s underground subways in Philadelphia are typically safe transit sources, accidents occasionally happen for various reasons. High subway train speeds, distracted subway train operators, poor lighting, and items on the track are a few prominent causes of subway accidents. As a result, subway trains can derail, crash into other trains, run over pedestrians, and strike underground tunnel walls. As a result, in SEPTA subway accidents, passengers could sustain significant injuries.

 Train mishaps.

 Passengers use the train to commute between Center City, Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, as well as to get to the airport. It is conceivable for a train to derail, collide with another train, or even hit an animal, pedestrian, or car on the tracks, whether or not passengers are traveling on the Regional Rail or the Norristown High-Speed Line. Passengers on board the train may sustain significant injuries in a SEPTA train disaster.

 Trolley Mishaps.

Streetcars or trams are other names for trolleys, which are often powered by electrical power wires above the road. Some trolleys, which run on rubber tires and resemble buses rather than trains because they travel along rail lines inserted into the pavement, look very much like trains. SEPTA has eight trolleys and three trackless routes, all running on their roads around the Philadelphia region.

Whether a passenger travels on a trolley bus, often referred to as a trackless trolley, or a standard trolley, it is conceivable for a trolley accident to occur and result in catastrophic injury to the passenger.

 Accidental Falls and Slips.

 Every year, hundreds or maybe thousands of people suffer injuries from slipping, tripping, or falling on SEPTA property. And many of these people are unaware that they may sue SEPTA for “premises liability.” A premises liability claim seeks compensation for injuries sustained due to the carelessness with which land or structures that belong to or are acquired by someone other than the injured party were maintained, operated, or designed.


 Why you should Hire a skilled SEPTA Attorney Local To You

 If you are harmed while using Philadelphia’s public transit or have been in an accident, a septa bus accident lawyer can help. SEPTA performs a variety of purposes, including maintaining all public transit vehicles, keeping them up to code, and ensuring passenger safety, making SEPTA cases highly complex.

Experienced septa accident lawyer also handles personal injury lawsuits. The Sovereign Immunity Act’s protection of the organization applies to it. This law restricts SEPTA’s financial liability to prevent the public transportation system from going bankrupt if a personal injury lawsuit against it is successful.

 The Statute of Limitations and SEPTA

 While SEPTA accident claims are subject to a 6-month notice requirement under the legislation, personal injury claims in Philadelphia generally have a two-year statute of limitations. This is why it’s crucial to consult with an experienced SEPTA injury attorney in your area immediately after the collision.

Because the injured individual must give SEPTA notice of their plan to sue within six months after the injury, along with the specifics of the accident and their medical history, to pursue a claim against the agency, additionally, it is crucial to file your claim fast before other accident victims of SEPTA have been compensated because Sovereign Immunity limits SEPTA’s compensation or damages to $1 million per accident regardless of how many individuals were hurt. A personal injury lawyer needs time to gather information and construct a case demonstrating responsibility for what occurred.

 Who may file a Wrongful Death Claim against SEPTA?

 The surviving spouse, children, or those who depended on the deceased for assistance can file claims for financial damages. This is typically a relative who resided with the dead. The victim may have supported the survivors, or the survivors may have been the victim’s spouse or parent. Each survivor has a claim depending on how they were related to the victim.

 Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Attorney with experience

 If a SEPTA vehicle was involved in an accident that injured you or a loved one, you might be entitled to substantial compensation. Their lawyers know that advocating for SEPTA accident victims demands skillful and aggressive counsel, and they use their extensive knowledge to their advantage in every case they take on.

Their team of Pennsylvania accident attorneys fights valiantly for their clients and is dedicated to obtaining the maximum settlement or reward for each client they represent.

 Accidents on the SEPTA can be challenging, particularly when receiving total compensation for harm and damages. Don’t jeopardize your health and well-being by skipping over crucial information.

 Make sure you have the Law Firm’s expertise on your side if you have been involved in a Philadelphia SEPTA accident.

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