How much does a car accident lawyer cost?

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There is no such fixed amount set as the fee of any lawyer. The fee arrangements with lawyers are made according to the type of case they are dealing with.

There are several factors involved while discussing the fee for a lawyer, such as the experience of the lawyer, his abilities to handle a case, the amount of time required by case, the number of consultations or meetings he arranges with you, the intensity of the case, the results and his reputation.

The accident lawyers, in specific, have a particular fee structure that most accident lawyers follow, and it is called Contingency Fee Work. This is a lovely fee arrangement for a person involved in an accident and has already faced a lot of loss.

The lawyer doesn’t get paid in a contingency fee arrangement type until the case is over or successfully recovered the client’s money. The lawyers are paid either with some percentage amount of the settlement by the car accident that is claimed or by setting up a certain ratio of the amount awarded by the judge.

The contingency fee criteria seem very beneficial and satisfactory because the client doesn’t have to pay in advance or hourly. As apparently the client is already in loss and trouble, so this kind of fee seems to compensate. While on the Lawyer’s part, it ensures that the lawyer will surely try his best to bring out a great outcome of the case.

He will have the best intentions in his head and try to make it work as he has a motivation ahead of being paid if he will be successful. If we talk about the percentage that a lawyer usually receives as his pay, it depends on many factors. The general range is between 35 % to 40% amount of the recovered money or the settlement.

During the whole process, if the case gets resolved before the lawsuit, the fee paid to the lawyers will be around one- third of the total amount of settlement fixed by the jury. Otherwise, if the client has to file a lawsuit in the court or arbitration is required, then the fee goes up to 40% of the total settlement amount due to the other resources used, such as time, money, paperwork expenses, etc.

Other than the contingency fee arrangement, the two other fee structures are also used rarely, i.e., Collect the retainer or the Flat Fee working basis. As per the Retainer collection, the client-lawyer demands a certain amount before and collects the contingency pay at the end.

While in the Flat Fee-paying structure, the flat fee is set, and a small portion of it is paid before and the remaining at the end. This criterion is rarely used ever, the most common fee structure is a contingency, and it goes the best for both the parties, especially the client.

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