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A single mishap has the power to upend your life completely. It could be difficult and time-consuming for you to heal from your wounds. Without a job or if you have a long-term disability, your future may be uncertain.

Creditors will make payment demands at this time, and they don’t care if you are hurt. Your injuries and how Brownsville personal injury lawyer will influence your life are not even a genuine concern to the insurance companies. Their primary goal is to provide you with the smallest payment possible, even if it is considerably less than you require.

These factors make it essential for Brownsville, Texas, accident victims to immediately have a personal injury law company on their side.  Texas personal injury attorneys at Kenny Perez Law are skilled at dealing with creditors, medical malpractice and battling insurance company. Brownsville personal injury lawyers handle all legal parts of your personal injury case to free you up to concentrate on your treatment and get back to what matters most.

 South Texas’ Lower Rio Grande Valley contains Brownsville, situated on the other side of the border from Matamoros, Mexico. International trade with Mexico is a critical component of Brownsville’s economy, and the city’s port has developed into a driving force for South Texas’s economy. Brownsville thus sees a lot of commercial activity, including tractor-trailers and other trucks carrying items for sale.

 Personal injury lawyers

For instance, you can file for compensation for your medical expenses and pain and suffering if you or a loved one were injured when shopping at a store and fell. Commercial establishments must preserve their property risk-free for guests and to alert them to any dangers. Your injuries may result from a business’s failure to address harmful conditions, eliminate risks, or adequately alert customers of the state. Allow them to analyze the specifics of your personal injury cases without charge, and they’ll review your legal options for recovering damages.

 Additionally, their Brownsville personal injury attorneys defend victims of burns, explosions, and marine mishaps at or close to the port. Multiple contractors are frequently positioned close to one another in freight-handling facilities. You might be entitled to compensation if the negligence of another contractor resulted in your injuries.

Practice areas

Serving accident victims and their families in Brownsville, McAllen, Houston, Dallas, and the surrounding areas make them proud. They can accept your call or respond to your queries by email, text, or almost any time of day.

Car Accident

Truck mishaps

Motorcycle collisions

Pedestrian Mishaps

Rideshare Mishaps (Uber & Lyft)

Boating mishaps

Slipping and falling incidents

Construction mishaps

Harm to children

Property liability mishaps

Canine bite incidents

Wrongful death

ATV mishaps

Burn wounds

 Specialists in car accidents and accidents involving motor vehicles in the state of Texas

 Learn more about their injury practice and how it pertains to accidents involving motorcycles, trucks, cars, buses, and more:

Naturally, many motor vehicle accident-related injuries are caused by I-10 and I-35 and motor vehicle accidents.

Injuries from truck accidents, significant rig 18-wheeler incidents, delivery truck incidents, or other commercial vehicle incidents.


Injury-causing motorcycle accidents frequently involve riders who are not wearing helmets.

Accidents involving distracted driving, cellphone-related injuries, or other negligent driving behaviors

Catastrophic severe accidents can cause serious injuries that frequently result in death, which can be heartbreaking to family members and loved ones.

When Can You File a Lawsuit for Personal Injury?

As soon as you can, you should start the process of making a personal injury representation. You have two years in Texas from the date of the injury to do this. Once the deadline has passed, the civil court system will generally decline to consider your case. A personal injury claim may be extended under certain conditions.

For instance, a person can be “of unsound mind” and have a legal impairment under state law. Commencing the statute of limitations may occur when the person loses their legal handicap status. It would help if you spoke with your personal injury law firm to determine how the statute of limitations would apply to your case.

Can You Bring Your Own Case for Personal Injury? 

No. Even if you represent yourself in a personal injury lawsuit, the civil court system still expects you to adhere to specific rules. For instance, you would be subject to the same formalities as an attorney regarding the management of discovery and the admission of the evidence. You can encounter some challenges while you develop your case because the judicial system is complicated. Even if you have a good point, making a mistake lowers your chances of succeeding in court. When it comes to the legal system, an attorney is well-versed. Instead of handling the claim on your own, it would be beneficial to have legal counsel.

The reasons you can rely on a personal injury law firm

 Employees and personal injury lawyers have strong ties to Texas and are dedicated to helping its citizens.

 Gregory Herrman established his law practice on a solid basis of treating clients of all backgrounds with respect, providing individualized care, and fighting for the rights of individuals who have been hurt and require assistance. Attorney Cary Toland runs the Brownsville office of Herrman & Herrman.

 The county seat of Cameron County, which has a population of about 415,000, is in Brownsville. The region still practices Hispanic customs.

 Taking advantage of the free trade agreements that permit operations in both the United States and Mexico, multinational corporations and maquiladora industries have made Brownsville their base of operations due to its advantageous location on the Gulf of Mexico.

 To preserve crucial evidence and prevent its loss, they have assembled the Herrman & Herrman Accident Investigative Team, which they dispatch immediately to the scene of catastrophic accidents. Their investigators speak with witnesses and move to determine who might be responsible for an accident.

Building the most significant possible case for compensation requires saving evidence before it is lost. You might not anticipate a lawyer to look into an accident while it’s still in progress. However, their legal staff is ready to go above and above to best assist their clients.

 They understand that if you or a family member has suffered a severe injury, you are likely experiencing worry and difficulty. If your injury prevents you from working, you might have trouble paying your bills. Their personal injury lawyer will meet with you in your home, a hospital, or any convenient location if your injuries make it impossible for you to get to their office.

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