How To Know if Police are Investigating You for Drugs

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How To Know if Police are Investigating You for Drugs

Law enforcement has been taking the illegal distribution of narcotics, prescription drugs, and non-prescription drugs very seriously recently. These actions are taken because, in recent years, the distribution and illicit trade of drugs have risen mainly. The police no longer want to fail drug administration procedures and aim to identify all those involved to end it. Because of the intensity of this crime and the need to put an end to it, the police are frequently vigilant about drug trade and exchange. But the question that arises is how to know if police are investigating you for drugs? It can be not very comforting to go through, but we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

When you get pulled over:

Most of the arrests are made when one is driving recklessly. The first assumption that the police tend to make is whether the driver is intoxicated or not. But how do you know if they haven’t crossed this suspicion off their list? Take a look at their facial expressions and see if they’re attempting to smell something. If they drop it, you’re good. But, if they begin asking you where you’re coming from, whether you were at a party or how many drinks you’ve had, it’s a bad sign, and you’re being investigated for intoxicants. Next, the police officer will ask you to get out of your vehicle and ask for your license and test you for drugs while your car is searched. Remember to remain calm, cool, and collected because if you begin panicking, they’ll assume you’re hiding something.

Hence, in determining the question how to know if police are investigating you for drugs the above are valuable tips.

Named as a plea bargain:

Visits from the police are never fun, but at times, it can get worse. A plea bargain is when someone, who the police have caught, takes the name of an individual that can help put an end to the investigation. The prisoner who provides this information is granted some reward, such as a less severe punishment. But, how do you know if the police have asked for you about a drug crime? If it is a great crime, you would probably be arrested and told directly. However, if the police don’t have a warrant, they may ask questions to help you understand what’s happening. They may ask your location at a particular time, ask you if your house has secret compartments and probably walk around the room pretending to admire objects. At times, your home can also be searched. More often than not, this is because someone hat has already been arrested has taken your name.


In many cases, people involved in the drug trade will steal someone’s identity so that theirs remains safe. While doing so, your social security number or credit information may be used while handling or transporting drugs. While attempting to trace these transactions, the police may end up with your identification. After this, you may end up becoming a suspect even if you aren’t a part of the whole thing. How do you find out if something of this nature is happening? Always be sure to check your credit scores and transaction details. If you see a significant change or any transactions that you did not authorize, be sure to inform your bank immediately. If you fear that other people have used your social security number, make the complaint as soon as humanly possible, so we don’t end up in any problems later. No one likes when the police are constantly outside their houses demanding you own up for something you never did.

Dark Web:

The dark/deep web is a part of the internet that many people cannot access but still covers more than 50% of the entire internet. You require some software that hides your IP address to be able to access it. Many people use it to maintain security, for news, private blogs, and so on. However, it is also used for the bad. Because of its complete anonymity, it is a popular site to buy and sell drugs. It is also an excellent place for hackers to find vulnerable users. So, your system may be used to purchase illegal goods and services through those hackers or, you could be put on the list because you use the dark web even though it is not a crime. If you are on a list, you are likely in a long-term investigation.

Long term investigations:

More often than not, if the police suspect that you are part of the illegal drug trade but don’t have evidence, they will undergo a long-term investigation. Suspicions are often enough for them to have permission to tap into your cell phone and computers, so be vigilant of what you say. You may also notice more police cars in your area than usual or have a strange feeling that you are being followed. But how do you know that it is because of drugs? You will frequently see DEA officials or whatever your local drug administration authority is. This frequent showing up probably means that the police are investigating you for drugs. Just be careful during this time, and when they find absolutely nothing because you’ve done nothing wrong, they’ll begin investing their time into another suspect.


The drug trade is a complicated ad secretive process that has spread so much over the past few years. With people trying to get away with breaking the law, it has become hard for regular people when they get framed because they had vulnerable security plans. Be sure to know when the police are investigating you for drugs because you may end up needing a lawyer if matters get worse. Although it may seem scary to be framed, remember that above all, justice prevails. So, if you do end up being a suspect of something you didn’t do, leave it to a lawyer or wait a while till law enforcement realizes they made a mistake. As long as you aren’t involved, there is nothing to worry about, but it is always good to know what’s going on so the shock doesn’t end up halting your thinking which could end up getting you in trouble.

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