Things You Should Know Regarding A Tax Attorney – A Comprehensive Guide

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An ideal Tax Attorney would be well-aware of all the applicable laws, regulations, and procedures. They are proficient in their fields – certainly making them the jack of all trades.

 In case of any tax-related assistance, you should always consider seeking Tax Attorneys out, as they bring expert advice and practices to the table.

Opt for a Tax Attorney who is well-versed in TurboTax Audit Defense:

You must be filing state and federal tax returns, after which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would be analyzing and reviewing them. The purpose of this review by IRS is to ensure that no inaccuracies and discrepancies exist – there are no miscalculations. If the number of miscalculations is significant, then this could result in an audit. Now, a question that you may have is:

What is an Audit Defense?

Small business owners and personal income filers are required to file their taxes annually. As a result, they are at risk of being targeted compared to make sure that their taxes have been accurately recorded.

This entire auditing process itself can be hectic, which is why an Audit Defense is the most viable option to overcome such situations.

A strong Tax Attorney skilled in TurboTax Audit Defense eliminates the wastage of time and effort that would’ve otherwise been required had the small business or personal filer been on their own.

The benefits of this are:

  • The Audit Defense will manage your communications with the IRS.
  • A well-thought-out strategy will be developed to help deal with the IRS.
  • No settlement will be reached with the IRS until you have granted your consent.
  • As an Audit Defense Tax Attorney is skilled and experienced in dealing with the IRS, you have nothing to worry about.

Hence, in essence, a knowledgeable Tax Attorney can save a ton of stress if you have done your research correctly.

Ensure that your Tax Attorney knows about Fraud:

You must make sure that you hire a Tax Attorney who is also a skilled Tax fraud Lawyer.

If you are aware of the IRS tax code, you must have seen its gigantic size; it has over 1700 pages, and it is unlikely that you will be reading the entire document, and even if you do, then absorbing all the content printed on it.

Here is where you need a Tax fraud lawyer – tax laws keep changing, and once they become outdated, there are no longer applicable. It isn’t easy to stay in touch with all the changing regulations and policies. In this regard, hiring a Tax fraud Lawyer is essential.

They help:

  • Make a strong case and offer advice if you refuse to reveal your sources of income.
  • If you refuse to file tax returns.
  • If you haven’t paid your taxes.

Even if your intention wasn’t wrong, and the intent behind your actions wasn’t to evade tax but something else, the tax authorities, in this case, won’t budge.

Therefore, a Tax fraud Lawyer is your best bet to protect you against imprisonment, public humiliation, fines, and other extravagant charges that you will have to pay.

Make sure your Tax Attorney knows regarding Tax Payment Plans:

The issue is that in many counties and states, due to various legislation and laws that have been made applicable, it may be difficult to assess your tax payment plan. You may have many options available; however, you might not feel competent enough to make a suitable decision because you lack the knowledge.

Here is where a Tax Attorney comes to your rescue. There is an IRS Payment Plan that helps you pay your taxes through monthly installments. However, there are certain factors associated with it that have to be considered before opting for this plan, such as:

  • An additional fee ranging from $43 – $105 will have to be paid.
  • There will be an accumulation of interests and penalties on your remaining debt until it is paid in full.
  • Any refunds you are owed will be applied to discharge your current outstanding debt.

Although anyone can use this tax payment plan, it may not be made for everyone. This is where a Tax Attorney comes in handy – he/she will guide you and help you make an informed choice as to whether the plan is suitable for you or not. He/she will assess your current position and base judgments on all the available facts to make sure you end up making the correct decision for yourself.

Finding a Tax Attorney that is skilled in all of these aspects can be a tricky job, but there is no shortage of talent and options. It is highly recommended that you have a Tax Attorney mastering all of these categories because you never know when the need may arise. You may end up in any one of these situations, as mentioned above. Taking action now could you save from immense trouble in the future.

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