The Rule of Law and Its Significance in the Constitution

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Rule of Law is an important basis of governance in driving a community towards progression by preserving an individual’s right to liberty and upholding the norms of democracy within a country.

It governs every aspect of the society, be it the civil society, market economy, and a government’s policies. With this, the vital question that must be erupting in your mind is how exactly does the Rule of Law achieve this? Here, you will learn just exactly that!

What is the Rule of Law?

It is a principle under which all entities, individuals, institutions, organizations, and corporations are held accountable in front of the laws that are in place. It ensures no discrimination, no preferential treatment, and that everyone is tried and judged on an impartial, equal basis.

The Rule of Law advocates for laws to be just, fair, and extended to every single member of the society – and that justice is freely sought and available to any individual who so needs it. The justice received would be from competent and independent persons who have the resources and the means to do so.

Additionally, the government monitors this entire procedure as it makes sure that the laws in place are efficient, fair, and accessible to anyone and everyone in need.

In essence, without the Rule of Law in place, an entire country’s democracy would be in tatters. There would exist no accountability and justice for the most unprivileged members of the society.

Having elaborated on the abovementioned analysis, it is now necessary to know what the Republicans for the Rule of Law are.

Republicans for the Rule of Law (RRL) – An Insight:

This is an organization that was established to oppose the probable firing of Robert Mueller, who was a Special Counsel in the US Department of Justice. However, that event did not occur, and now it exists as a coalition of the Republicans who favor President Trump’s impeachment.

As of February 2020, RRL has produced 172 television ads that are all Anti-Trump. During 2017-2019, amid the investigation that was made to look for signs of collusion and meddling in the US elections by Russia, the RRL made all efforts to defend the examinations that Robert Mueller led by stating how firing him was against the core ethical values of the US government. In 2019, RRL advertised immensely during the Congressional hearings that ultimately boiled up to President Trump’s impeachment by the House of Representatives.

As far as RRL’s funding is concerned, it has no independent tax-filings. Its parent organization, “Defending Democracy Together,” is its primary source of funding. Furthermore, RRL does not have any staff or official leaders besides its Legal Advisory Board that is a culmination of legal representatives and scholars present to assist in all legal issues and policies that may arise.

Rule of Law in the Constitution:

You may be thinking, how is the principle of “rule of law” evident in the Constitution?

It is, and it has always been present. The renowned Aristotle has deemed the rule of law equivalent to the “rule of reason,” rightfully. He realized the significance it has in organizing and managing people in a democratic economy. He knew that if the same set of rules and laws were not applied to everyone, it would only lead to chaos and disorder.

In Federalist #78, Alexander Hamilton denoted federal courts’ existence to be crucial to ensure that people act within the law’s jurisdictions as outlined by the Constitution. Under the Constitution, the judges regulate their decisions with fundamental laws that will lead to society’s betterment. The Rule of Law promotes equality. It is so significant that if any amendments such as restriction of freedom of speech to a particular race and religion are proposed, then they cannot comply with no matter the majority of people who support it.

If one analyses the history of the United States of America, it has revolved around the suppression of human rights to a great extent. However, the forefathers of America strived to change it for the better. They based the Constitution on universal human rights. The basis of equality, unalienable rights, and the right to pursue happiness. It is here that the Constitution also calls for the governance of these inalienable rights.

Equality is a luxury, and the fact that the Constitution has emphasized its importance in numerous ways upholds how pertinent the Rule of Law is. Without the Rule of Law prevalent in an economy, it would not only pave the pathway for crimes to be committed and human rights to be infringed upon, but it was also lead to the gross neglect of the Constitution that urges its citizens and the State to comply with the fundamental principles outlined under the “Rule of Law.”

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