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John M. Pierce, a litigator, is the managing partner of Pierce Bainbridge internationally. Due to his excellent, best and honest understanding of the law, The Legal 500 United States 2015 complimented his “genuine trial presence,” and Benchmark Plaintiff Litigation 2012 referred to him as “one of the most recognized jury trial lawyers” at the top commercial litigation law company in the world. In 2008, he obtained victories in two key film finance cases and two multi-million dollar jury verdicts, including the 67th largest jury verdict in the United States in 2008 according to the Verdict Search Top 100 list. He tactfully handles complex cases

In complex cases involving, among other things, hedge funds, private equity, structured finance, real estate finance, financial fraud, insurance coverage, intellectual property, legal malpractice, false advertising, PA 2001-2007 Harvard law school, editor of Harvard law review First Amendment claims, government contracts, and film financing, he has successfully defended clients.

 John Pierce, a right-wing attorney, is defending nearly two dozen defendants, including Ryan Marshall, accused of participating in the Capitol disturbance inspired by speeches of Donald Trump.

 In two recent cases, the judges appointed a conflicts lawyer to assess if pierce defended several co-defendants prosecuted jointly raising any moral dilemmas.

 Pierce justified the number of clients he has signed up for since January 6 and promised to quit if conflicts develop.

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 John Pierce, a right-wing attorney

John Pierce, a right-wing attorney, has accumulated over two dozen clients accused of participating in the attack on the United States on January 6, thanks to his fervently pro-Trump and anti-establishment attitude and his reputation for supporting conservative causes. Capitol. However, as his clientele increases, so do worries about possible conflicts of interest in his cases. Before entering private practice, Mr. Pierce worked as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia, the Southern District of California, and the District of Columbia.

He served as the office’s representative on the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee (AGAC) for Health Care Fraud while serving as a Federal attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Defense of domestic and foreign clients

Since leaving the government, Mr. Pierce has successfully defended domestic and foreign clients in legal challenges involving taxes, export controls, commercial securities, corruption, and the healthcare industry. Additionally, he has handled other whistleblower cases.

 John Pierce spent his time after leaving the government in 2000 working for a sizable Washington, DC-based company renowned for its tenacious antitrust and other difficult litigation defense. He performed internal investigations, defended corporate clients in business disputes, and pursued antitrust charges totaling $1 billion. In 2003, Mr. Pierce established his practice; two years later, Themis was created. Before formally joining our company, Mr. Pierce worked with Liles Parker’s attorneys on several healthcare fraud cases.


 If the United States is looking into you, Call John Pierce if you are with the justice department, the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS), or one of the teams that make up the Medicare Fraud Strike Force. He can aid in preserving your liberty as an individual, your business, and your reputation.

 In recent weeks, judges in at least two multi-defendant instances ordered a conflicts counsel to determine if Pierce’s representation of numerous co-defendants accused of violating the Capitol together raises ethical concerns that would necessitate Pierce’s withdrawal. Reviewing court records reveals that Pierce, more than any other defense lawyer, is defending at least 22 individuals accused of participating in the Capitol disturbance.

 Are You A Domestic Terrorist? Dial John Pierce’s number right away!

 Lawyer John Pierce has rebuilt his practice law firm less than two years after his eponymous legal firm Pierce Bainbridge’s catastrophic collapse.

 There have undoubtedly been some bumps in the road, such as legal action brought by a former partner who claimed wrongful termination and being dismissed by adolescent vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse over disagreements regarding donations of money.

Additionally, there was the whole mess of having to take a leave of absence from his adamant around the time his wife filed for a protective order, alleging that his drug abuse issues had gotten out of hand. This included screenshots of texts in which he called her a “Valley c**t” and threatened to “bury you if I have to.”

 But all of it is behind us now. Now that Pierce has entered the courtroom on behalf of about 15 Capitol Riot defendants, he is soaring high. Additionally, it appears that the lawyer will be accruing frequent flier miles as he has volunteered to represent yet another domestic terrorist on the opposite side of the nation.

 National constitutional law union

 In collaboration with the National Constitutional Law Union, a 501(c)(4) was established last year to collect contributions for Rittenhouse’s defense. Pierce asserts to be defending Finicum’s surviving family members. There may or may not be further attorneys involved in the project, but only Pierce’s unbarred law clerk showed up in court when he vanished last month for reasons that may or may not have connected COVID.

 From “building SEAL Team Six of litigation” to standing by any domestic terrorist who’ll have you, it’s a long way down. But there can’t be a better time to take on another prominent case against the government.

 Law of the Constitution and Civil Liberties

 When Americans’ constitutional rights and civil liberties are violated, JPL plays a key role in defending those rights. The National Constitutional Law Union (the “NCLU”), a nonprofit group established by John Pierce in the historic summer of 2021, frequently supports these issues.

 Commercial Litigation

One of the top business litigators in the nation, John Pierce is the founder and managing partner of JPL. He previously served as a partner at Latham & Watkins LLP, the top-ranked law firm in Southern California, and Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, the top-ranked commercial litigation law firm in the nation. At K&L Gates LLP, he also served as co-Global Practice Area Leader for Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

 After a mysterious disappearance, John Pierce, the defense attorney for 17 defendants in the Capitol Riot, finally reappears.

 After being absent from the public eye for weeks and after his associate claimed he was “unresponsive” because of a coronavirus infection, attorney John Pierce, defending 17 defendants in connection with the Capitol riot, is reportedly back to working his cases and participating in virtual hearings.

Pierce showed up for Stephanie Baez’s virtual court session and informed the judge that he was “hanging in there” and could “100%… beyond a doubt” represent Baez, claims the Huffington Post.

After a “very chaotic” 12-day hospital stay, Pierce told NPR he would return to his cases. He also revealed to the outlet that he has not received a coronavirus vaccination and does not want to do so.

According to the Washington Post, Baez, charged with unlawful entry and disorderly conduct after allegedly posting Instagram videos of herself inside the Capitol during the riot, stated during the hearing that Pierce is her attorney and that she is “completely comfortable and very happy” with him.

 Acting U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips stated in a court filing last month that Pierce’s clients had been represented by an unlicensed associate of Pierce for a week, adding that there was “conflicting information” about Pierce’s health and location but that they had “no contact” with him. Pierce wrote in a letter to the court that he was “not missing or anything of the sort” and is “doing well,” but won’t return to his full Before his testimony, the colleague informed the court that he thought Pierce was “on a ventilator” and “unresponsive.

 Before joining K&L Gates, John Pierce worked as the co-Global Practice Area Leader for Litigation and Dispute Resolution at Latham & Watkins and Quinn Emanuel. He is still the SGVC family of technology venture capital firms’ external general counsel.

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