What does DUI & DWI mean? – What you should know

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The terms DUI and DWI are two different terms used to refer to the same kind of crime. DUI is an acronym, and it refers to a criminal offense, refers to the common criminal dispute of “driving under the influence” of alcohol or drugs. 

While DWI stands for “driving while impaired,” sometimes it is tagged as driving while intoxicated. In ordinary language, the public knows this crime as Drunk Driving, and it is a grave crime.

Driving a vehicle while being under the influence of any alcoholic or another intoxicant drug that can make you unconscious is very dangerous, and it has seen terrible consequences in the past. The increase in this crime has made it a serious issue, and different states have set different rules and laws for it. 


dui - very drunk caucasian man with automobile keys at bar with friends
very drunk caucasian man with automobile keys at bar with friends

Both these terms DUI and DWI, sometimes get tricky when we go into depth. The acronym DWI engages the concept of Driving while impaired or drunk while the DUI term gets more in it. It says driving under the influence of intoxicants, and its concept adds to other drugs like recreational drugs.

There is a Field Sobriety Test that is used to check the amount of alcohol. 0.08 is the limit for any alcoholic trace in you. If you found driving more than it or your BAC is less than 0.08, you will be charged for being impaired and driving. 

The rules may vary in different states. Most states show no tolerance for people under the age of 21 being drunk/ impaired and driving. Not even 0.08 of the alcohol traces, they got caught with more than 0.00, they are deemed. Sometimes the drivers are impaired but not under the influence of alcohol. 

The Breathalyzer test is conducted to check. The legal officer can arrest you even if you are not under the influence of alcoholic substances but any recreational or prescribed drugs. They can immediately charge you, and you may lose your driving license too.

Driving while under the influence of any fast drug is not right at all. You can be in danger without even being known on the roads full of cars and other vehicles. It can be dreadful not only for others but for you as well. 

This is one of the most frequent crimes happening these days. Thousands of people lose their lives because of this crime. Not just lives, it causes huge financial losses too. The vehicles smash and the injuries, it must include two to three parties in its consequences.

Only you can be the savior of your life and the other lives as well. Do not step out in a car on the driving seat when you know that you have taken anything with alcohol. No matter if it’s the drink or some prescribed medicine, illicit drugs that have alcoholic traces in them can be equally dangerous. The best is to ask someone to drive or stay at home to avoid DUI or DWI criminal convictions.  

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