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Trial of OJ Simpson, a former college and professional football player, was found not guilty in 1995 of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. One of the most infamous criminal trials in American history took place there.

He was swiftly identified as the primary suspect when Simpson’s ex-wife and Ron Goldman were fatally stabbed outside her Los Angeles condo on June 12, 1994. After being informed of upcoming accusations, OJ Simpson hid in the back of his friend A.C. Cowlings’ sport-utility vehicle on June 17 rather than turn himself in to authorities.

Law enforcement police followed OJ Simpson’s car for more than an hour at a slow speed after being warned that he was holding a gun to his head. An estimated 95 million people watched the attempted “escape” live on television, and hundreds of OJ Simpson’s supporters lined the streets to cheer him on. It culminated with Simpson being arrested and imprisoned at his Brentwood, California, home.

 The veteran gunfighter Bailey could not provide formal advice because he was declared ineligible in 2003. He pleaded with Simpson, “Fire your lawyer,” but OJ Simpson was unperceptive. After a jury found him guilty on all ten counts, he was given a 33-year sentence.

Since his conviction, OJ Simpson hasn’t been in touch with Bailey. According to Bailey, jail staff advised Simpson to avoid Bailey if he wanted to win over the parole board.

Before this occurrence, Simpson had been represented by Yale Galanter in Florida. According to Simpson, Galanter allegedly encouraged Simpson to get his personal belongings back. Before the robbery, Simpson and Galanter were in a las vegas hotel room.


The former professional athlete claimed that Galanter told him, “you have the right to grab your stuff,” but warned him not to trespass on private property during a dinner conversation in Las Vegas. If the suit Simpson wore during his high-profile murder trial in the 1990s was among the artifacts, Simpson claims he told Galanter he intended to burn it. Galanter allegedly replied, “You’re not going to burn it; you’re going to bring it to me.”

 Simpson, who has spent nine years in prison, will probably be released this year. Bailey anticipates his call. He declares, “I’m confident the guy got screwed.

 Before discussing what he may have done differently to prevent his current situation—broke, disbarred, with his legacy as one of the best trial lawyers in American history threatened by two decades of controversy—Bailey takes a rare moment of reflection.

 The murders of Ronald Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson were put on OJ Simpson’s criminal record. Simpson has the resources and celebrity recognition to work with the Las Vegas, criminal defense team that has come to be known as the “Dream Team.”

All of the attorneys involved in the case, whether on the defense or the prosecution, became household names due to the trial’s intense public interest and extensive media coverage. Johnnie Cochran was one of Simpson’s defense counsels who spoke out the most.

This well-known attorney displayed great enthusiasm in the courtroom as he fought the overwhelming physical evidence against Simpson.

About a bloody glove that resembled one found in Simpson’s home and had a mixture of Simpson’s and the murder victim’s blood all over it, he is famous for saying, “If it doesn’t fit, then you must acquit.”

Simpson trial

In court, Cochran argued that the glove was too small to have been worn by the heavily built Simpson. Simpson was then physically made to demonstrate how difficult it was for him to put the glove on his hand. On July 22, 1994, Simpson was formally charged and entered a plea of not guilty. On January 24, 1995, the trial got underway under the supervision of Judge Lance Ito. Hearst was freed in 1979 after President Jimmy Carter shortened her sentence, and President Bill Clinton later granted her a pardon. OJ Simpson and Bailey at the 1995 trial

The domestic violence

The domestic violence that had taken place both before and after the Simpsons’ 1992 divorce was highlighted as a motive for the killings by the Los Angeles district attorney’s office, led by Marcia C

lark and Christopher Darden. F. Lee Bailey, Robert Blasier, Shawn Chapman Holley, Robert Shapiro, and Alan Dershowitz made up the “Dream Team” of lawyers defending Simpson; Johnnie Cochran later took the primary role.

The majority of the Simpson defense rested on the claims that evidence had been mishandled and that some officers in the Los Angeles police force were racist, including Mark Fuhrman, a detective.

He is said to have discovered a bloody leather glove at Simpson’s residence. Simpson tried the glove in the courtroom, but the defense claimed it could not have been his since it was too tiny for his hand.

The defense asserted that the police had placed significant evidence in addition to the glove to incriminate Simpson. A total of 150 witnesses testified during the trial’s more than eight-month duration; however, Simpson did not take the witness stand.

 Many cable television networks gave extended amounts of time to rumors surrounding the case and the public’s perception of it. Significant racial differences existed in attitudes on OJ Simpson’s guilt or innocence, with most African Americans supporting Simpson and most white Americans holding that attitude. Throughout the day, millions of people watched the trial procedures on television, and the key players in the case quickly rose to fame.

 The jury ultimately started deliberations on October 2, 1995, and decided in less than four hours. But Ito put off the announcement until the next day. On October 3, Simpson’s innocence in the killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman was determined. Polls of public opinion continued to show racial disparities after the ruling.

The verdict shocked many white people, but most African Americans agreed because they saw Simpson’s acquittal as a victory for a justice system that often discriminated against them.

 Even though OJ Simpson was acquitted in the criminal case, the victims’ families still sued him for wrongful death, and the civil trial for this case started in October 1996. Less than four months later, the same jury awarded the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman $33.5 million in damages after finding him accountable for their deaths.

 The Dream team’s defense representation for OJ Simpson’s trial is thought to have cost him between $3 and $6 million, making it the most expensive murder defense expenditure to date. A second attorney, F. Lee Bailey, led the team in the fight against claims that Mark Fuhrman, a Los Angeles Police Department detective, had illegally placed evidence at the crime scene, was racist, and had pushed for Simpson to be found guilty.

The two Roberts are the other two defense counsels in the OJ Simpson case. One of them is Robert Kardashian, who died of cancer after becoming highly famous and affluent due to this case. His family is still in the news today.

The other attorney is Robert Shapiro, who gained notoriety for his work during the trial defending OJ Simpson and for his candid criticism of several of the dream team following the verdict.

In the book Search for Justice, he expressed these views, calling F. Lee Bailey a wild cannon and accusing Johnnie Cochran of using the race card against him during the trial. This raised a lot of discussions. Due to the attention and reaction from the viewers, the defense attorneys became well-known after this trial, whether or not they wanted to.

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