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In Rhode Island, facing criminal charges can be difficult and perplexing. The first thing you should do is retain a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Rhode Island to go to work on your case right away. Beyond that, knowing your criminal charges and what happens following an arrest might give you more optimism and self-assurance about the future. S. Joshua Macktaz, a Rhode Island criminal defense, with 30 years of expertise in the following areas:

Criminal defense attorney Josh Macktaz Esq has experience fighting for:

 – DUI or DWI

Domestic abuse

– Possession of drugs/proper drunk driving

– Casino offenses

– Parking Tickets

– Disorderly behavior

– Battery and assault

– Youthful crimes

– Other crimes

Attorney Josh Macktaz has been contacted once more to assist with training the new cadets at the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy (RIMPTA), which was formed to educate and certify municipal police officers in Rhode Island.

 S. Josh Macktaz, a DUI defense attorney, is among the best in Rhode Island. He has been invited by the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Department to instruct its freshmen cadets in investigating DUI, first-degree murder, and drunk driving cases. The academy instructors called upon Attorney S. Josh Macktaz to order three of its incoming cadets in January 2021, so this is his second time receiving a call.


Providence Police are called to the site of a collision at a petrol station in Providence. A witness claims that when she was filling up with gas, she saw the Client’s car run over the curb as it was being driven on its bare rim and collide with her vehicle. As soon as possible, she stops the pump and dials 911.

The Police see the Client as shaky on his feet and speaking incoherently. Police call a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) to the scene because they think he might be under the influence of narcotics. The ri criminal defense lawyer decided that the Client was not fit to operate a motor vehicle after a battery of DRE tests, and they detained him. The patient is brought to the hospital, where he agrees to a blood test.

 DUI Charges Dropped in Favor of Reckless Driving

 A major accident prompts a call to Cumberland Police. The Client’s car had veered off the road and struck a house. Client’s eyes were bloodshot and watery, she had a distinct alcohol odor, and her speech was so slurred that the Police were unable to understand her. Although no field sobriety tests were conducted, the Client consented to a hospital blood sample.

 Domestic battery and assault, as well as domestic vandalism

 A hang-up 911 call is received from the Client’s home by Woonsocket police. When they arrive, they discover the Client’s wife sobbing and agitated outside the house. She claims that the Client was intoxicated when he returned home and that they fought. During the altercation, the Client knocked her to the ground and started smashing the house’s items.

 The Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy (RIMPTA) instructors have asked S. Joshua Macktaz to give this information to cadets because they understand how crucial it is for Rhode island county to understand what to anticipate in court when a person arrested for DUI hires a RI DUI lawyer. The Rhode Island Municipal Training Academy expects that S. Joshua’s three decades of expertise as a criminal defense and state prosecutor in RI will benefit their new cadets.

 Since its founding in 1969, the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy (RIMPTA) has provided instruction and certification to police officers in every city and town in Rhode Island. Additionally, the Academy offers specialized training to police officers from several state agencies with authority to enforce the law and criminal cases ranging.

Rhode Island DUI investigations

 The Rhode Island Police Officers Commission establishes courses on Standards and Training (POST). It establishes guidelines for educational requirements, physical requirements, and standards of conduct for applicants and trainees. The 15-week course at the school covers every facet of police service.

 A mock trial is held at the conclusion so cadets can observe how everything works in the real world. Two weeks of the 15-week curriculum are set aside for training on DUI investigations. They will learn everything there is to know about conducting a DUI investigation during these two weeks, including how to stop a moving vehicle legally, how to perform standardized field sobriety tests like the HGN, walk and turn, and one-leg stand tests, how to use a preliminary breath test and conduct in-station and hospital chemical tests, how to write a proper report, and how to testify in court.

 Cadets participate in a mock trial after the two-week DUI instruction program. One cadet is chosen to research and present a fact pattern prepared by instructors with the help of a Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal Magistrate (the judge) and a RI Attorney General (the prosecutor).

 Attorney S. Joshua Macktaz was asked to represent the criminal defense team at the trial last year and fulfilled that request. Following the simulated trial, S. Joshua Macktaz was on hand to respond to the many inquiries the cadet audience had regarding what they had just seen. The Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy hopes to have his back in this capacity for its new cadets.

 Why Pick Joshua Macktaz as Your RI DUI Attorney?

 Personally, Josh Macktaz evaluates, supervises, and accompanies you in all RI court hearings regarding your Rhode island DUI investigations

  •  Former state prosecutor for Rhode Island
  •  25+ years of DUI and criminal defense experience
  •  Almost 300 5-star reviews on the internet
  •  Massive outcomes for thousands of clients

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