San Jose DUI Attorneys

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San Jose DUI attorneys

Nobody wants to be accused of driving under the influence in California. Depending on how your case develops, you might have to cope with significant DUI consequences, the degradation of your reputation, and the embellishment of your criminal and driving records.

Most people are unaware that a federal felony can be brought against them if they engage in drunk driving at a criminal defense law firm. One might anticipate that they will be subject to the punishments set forth by the law if they are found guilty of a DUI in California law offices.

 However, federal law would apply if a was committed on federal property, and federal penalties would be imposed. The Code of Federal Regulations would be applicable if the DUI happened in a national park.

 What is the punishment for a crime?

The typical punishments and sentencing are as follows if a defendant pleads guilty to or is found guilty of a first-time misdemeanor DUI in California under Vehicle Code 23152(a) and Vehicle Code 23152(b):

  •   $390 to over $1,000 in fines
  • Probation of up to three years is possible.
  • Usually, defendants can resume driving with an ignition interlock device after a six-month license suspension (IID)
  •   Los Angeles DUI School
  • Two days – 6 months in prison (usually suspendable)

 For subsequent san Jose ca DUI lawyers, the sentencing guidelines are substantially stricter, requiring lengthier jail terms, more extensive alcohol education programs, more significant fines, and installing an ignition interlock device in the car.

 When do DUI Charges in California Become Felonies?

You can be charged with a felony DUI depending on the specifics of your arrest.DUI charges can be upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony if you are found guilty of DUI and:

  •  You were driving while intoxicated and caused severe physical harm or death to another individual.
  •  You have had three or more DUI or wet reckless convictions during the previous ten years.
  •  You’ve been convicted of felony DUI once or more in the past.

 According to California Penal Code Section 191.5 PC, you might be charged with vehicular manslaughter and suffer felony-level penalties if you were the cause of someone else’s death while driving drunk in Santa Clara County.

 You may be charged with vehicular manslaughter by state prosecutors if:

  • You exhibited egregious disregard.
  • You engaged in another illegal activity or minor offense (not a felony)
  • You were intoxicated or drugged while operating a vehicle.

 If you kill someone while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the prosecution may also prosecute you with murder in cases containing exceedingly terrible circumstances. Charges of “DUI murder” may be brought against you if your actions were so risky that they showed a deliberate disregard for human life.

 DUI accusations that are felonies are grave. You can immediately call san Jose DUI school if you’re dealing with serious criminal charges. At Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, their attorneys are skilled at putting together the strong defense you require and merit.

 When should you engage a criminal defense attorney?

A person may need to hire a criminal defense attorney in various circumstances. Summit Defense can offer you or a loved one a thorough San Jose DUI lawyer because of its expertise and contacts in the criminal court system in San Jose.

 Without being able to support it completely, many attorneys in California will claim to be associated with a top-rated law company. You can get a decent idea of their achievements by reading their reviews.

 Criminal charges that call for the services of an accomplished San Jose DUI lawyer include some of the following, which are some of the most frequent crimes they defend:

·         Violent offenses

·         Drug offenses

·         White-collar offenses

·         Cases of murder

·         Misdemeanors

·         Criminal charges

·         Charges of rape

·         DUI conviction

·         Assaults

·         Embezzlement

·         Felony theft

·         And a lot more…

You will need a criminal defense attorney when facing any criminal charges. Working with a seasoned law firm like Summit Defense, which has decades of experience defending all types of accounts, will put you and your legal situation in the best possible position for the best outcome.

What do criminal attorneys do?

It’s critical to comprehend what services San Jose, California, attorneys will provide for you or a loved one throughout your legal case. The Summit Defense legal offices have assisted in many distinctive instances, so they are familiar with the variances and patterns found in all criminal law situations.

 Even though every person’s criminal charges are different, it is reasonable to state that no matter what charges you are now facing, a criminal lawyer will take the following actions on your behalf in a law office.

 Case Evaluation:

Their San Jose criminal defense attorneys will learn as much as possible about your particular legal circumstances when you contact them for a free consultation. To determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case, they’ll ask you a series of detailed questions. Based on this vital information, they’ll recommend the best course of legal action for you.

 Case Investigation:

Following in-depth case examination,  staff will thoroughly examine your case. The purpose of this inquiry is to identify particular defense strategies. Police officers in San Jose, witnesses, expert witnesses, and anybody else with crucial information regarding your case will frequently be questioned by them. This inquiry method will make building a solid defense much more accessible. To strengthen their techniques for acquiring evidence, they will evaluate the prosecution’s case to spot any weaknesses.

 Evidence Analysis:

Your defense attorney in San Jose and legal team will carefully review all of the relevant facts and theories at this point.

 Keep in Touch with the Client:

You will be kept informed at every stage of these procedures, so you will be aware of when specific events occur and how your options for legal action change. This is crucial information to keep in mind. Because they at Summit Defense understand how vital these services are to you and your future, they place a high value on communication.

 Jury Selection:

Your San Jose criminal defense attorney will be crucial throughout the jury selection process since excluding. Specifically, prejudiced jurors will increase the likelihood that defendants will be found not guilty.

 Plea Bargaining:

Because it is so difficult to obtain a good outcome when you represent yourself, negotiating with prosecutors in plea bargain situations is one of the most crucial responsibilities of a criminal defense lawyer.

 Trial Participation:

Using their experience and expertise, their legal team will fight for you during a trial. This will entail questioning witnesses, questioning witnesses for and against the prosecution, and finally persuading the jury of your innocence or that the prosecution failed to meet a preponderance of the evidence.


If one of their clients receives a sentence for a crime or agrees to a plea deal, they will represent your criminal defense firm throughout the sentencing discussions. They’ll work to cut down on the amount of time you spend behind bars or assist you in finding alternatives.

 When and how much should I pay a San Jose DUI attorney?

When you face repercussions that could substantially change your life, you should see a San Jose DUI arrest. DUI arrests in San Jose, California, come with many red tapes because you must go through criminal and administrative hearings.

Without an attorney to represent you, you will be at a significant disadvantage, given the various punishments and subtleties involved in these proceedings.

 A lawyer can assist you in several ways, including keeping you informed of your legal options throughout the case, handling most of the conversations on your behalf, and negotiating to have your charges reduced or dropped.

 While it is feasible to defend yourself for straightforward or minor accusations, you should always consult with a criminal law company before taking that step. It’s critical to recognize that you cannot comprehend the complexity of your circumstance or that your freedom is in jeopardy. Even for misdemeanors, it’s essential to understand your legal options and what a defense lawyer can do for you. It is never a good idea to represent yourself in a felony case.

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