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If you owe back taxes, dealing with the state and the federal government will be a legal nightmare, especially if the IRS seizes your property, freezes your bank account, or notifies your employer that they will be garnished. Orange County Tax Lawyers can help you with any of your tax issues with the IRS.

Vic Abajian, an Orange County tax lawyer, has been working in the region for a long time and has a seasoned clientele in Los Angeles, California, and nearby towns. Mr Abajian has many clients in Orange County, California, and has an office conveniently located in Irvine. He is familiar with the IRS counsel attorneys in Laguna Hills and Los Angeles, as well as IRS examiners and appeals.

Mr Abajian offers consumers first-rate individualized service at a reasonable price. He is a highly experienced tax attorney who previously worked as an IRS tax attorney in Orange County ca and held a master’s degree in tax law from Georgetown. He advises clients in tax law in Orange County and Southern California in difficult tax disputes and has successfully settled hundreds of tax controversies and collection cases. Due to his assistance, Mr Layton was featured three times in Orange County Lawyer magazine in the past year.

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If you need any service, you can call them for a consultation if you are being looked into for a tax offence, tax evasion, or an offshore bank account. Mr Abajian, an Orange County tax lawyer, will evaluate your situation and give you a well-thought-out action plan. He will offer you the help and backing of a tax lawyer with lots of Southern California experience.


Appeals for federal tax liens

The IRS will file a “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” once an assessment of taxes owed has been completed, the tax lawyer has been served a notice with the amount owed and a demand for payment, and the tax lawyer refuses or fails to pay the amount owed. The IRS files the Notice of Federal Tax Lien against the taxpayer’s property.

At Semper Tax Relief, they battle to have IRS tax liens forgiven, subordinated, and possibly withdrawn. They represent clients in Federal Tax Lien Appeals. Semper tax lawyer has successfully assisted their clients in avoiding or resolving a Notice of Federal Tax Lien.

Please contact Semper Tax Relief to schedule a free consultation with tax lawyer Sergio Melendez, JD EA, if you got a “Notice of Federal Tax Lien.”

Release of Iris Tax bank devices

 Property can be seized by the Internal Revenue Service to cover overdue or unpaid tax payments. The IRS may levy funds in several ways. When the IRS takes funds from your bank account or any other form of financial performance, this is known as an IRS Bank Levy.

Most of the time, before an IRS levy can be issued, the IRS tax lawyer must determine the amount of taxes owed and then give a demand for payment. The IRS will issue a “Final Notice of Intent to Levy” if the taxpayer doesn’t pay. After that, the taxpayer has 30 days to request a hearing. The IRS will then impose an IRS law firm if the person doesn’t ask for a hearing or pay the amount required.


 The task of correctly collecting personal and business tax lawyers in the state belong to the California Franchise Board (FTB). One of its goals is to ensure that tax returns are filed on time, accurately, and by the law. Naturally, each person and company must contribute their fair amount because doing so enables California to continue providing services efficiently and uninterruptedly. To do this, the FTB takes compliance very seriously and regularly conducts audits.

 You may be subject to an FTB audit for several reasons. There is no simple way to get through the many stages of the process, regardless of what may have caused it. Your best option is to have legal representation to help you navigate the laborious and frequently complex procedures.

A top pick to have by your side is Dallo Law Group. Their tax lawyer is familiar with the difficult goals needed to perform an FTB audit. They can quickly help you through this procedure and show you how to bring your business and yourself into compliance with a skilled tax law attorney.


 The government organization in charge of obtaining tax payments and upholding state tax regulations in California is known as the Board of Equalization (BOE). California’s sales tax provides a sizable revenue and ensures the efficient operation of the state. Because of this tremendous duty, the BOE constantly audits merchants to ensure they pay the correct sales tax amounts. If you operate a business, they can almost promise that you will experience one or more BOE audits.

 If necessary, the attorneys and CPAs at Dallo Law Group can help you with the planning, the post-audit procedure, and even the BOE appeal. It would help if you didn’t try to navigate a sales tax audit alone because it can be challenging and complicated.

The general ledger, federal, state, and sales tax reports, along with sales and purchase invoices, are just a few of the areas that will be closely examined. It would help if you were well-prepared; the attorneys at Dallo Law Group can help you.


 The IRS appeals process may not always be sufficient to get you to a fair and just outcome. Their team at Dallo tax Lawyers can provide you with decades of experience in tax conflict and the litigation process, whether you are a business or an individual embroiled in a tax dispute.

They constantly keep their clients’ best interests in mind and may vigorously plead on your behalf in your argument. He has extensive civil and criminal litigation experience and has served as a former federal tax prosecutor, former IRS trial attorney and FTB attorney. Mr Wilson was recognized as the Top 100 Tax Attorneys for 2016–2017 by the American Society of Legal Advocates.

 They know that sometimes it is important to negotiate, and other times it is necessary to fight. In Dallo Law Group, their lawyers are pros at putting facts and paperwork together to support your case and plan for trial. They are superior to others due to their experience and excellent knowledge of the tax court rules.

 Process for IRS Appeals

 Not everybody is entitled to challenge an IRS audit. There are typically three criteria that must be met to file an appeal. You must first acquire a letter from the IRS confirming your eligibility to do so. Secondly, you disagree with the IRS’s judgment regarding your audit. Third, you failed to sign an IRS agreement form that was supplied to you.

 Additionally, it would help if you thought about whether the IRS erred in its judgment of your audit and whether it erred by failing to apply the law because it misunderstood the circumstances or by doing so.

Also, consider whether the IRS is wrongfully pursuing collection efforts against you or whether the information it relied on is unreliable. Be prepared to explain and defend your opinion in each of these situations using solid evidence and facts.

 Payment Schemes

 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides payment plans or instalment arrangements if you cannot fully pay your tax debt. Generally, if you owe $50,000 or less, can show that you can’t pay the whole amount now, and can settle the taxes owed in three years or less, the IRS will let you set up a simplified payment plan. The IRS provides four payment options

A short-term payment plan is available for taxpayers who can settle their obligation in less than 120 days. There is no startup cost, but, up until the sum is paid in full, you are responsible for any accrued interest or penalties.

 The long-term payment plan is available for taxpayers who require more than 120 days to pay the balance. Payments are made via automatic withdrawals from your bank account. This is often referred to as an instalment contract. You must deliver the $31 startup charge and any interest or penalties accumulated until the debt is paid in full.

 A simplified payment plan may be an option if your total is less than $50,000. You can streamline your payment schedule over 72 months with the IRS without disclosing any financial information.

 The IRS will demand financial details, including verification of your income and expenses if your balance is more than $100,000.


Hiring a tax lawyer will help you battle the IRS tax lawyer on your side and end the horror as quickly as possible if you have tax issues. Nobody wants tax liens placed on their bank accounts, homes, or wages. Their knowledgeable attorneys have dealt with IRS officials in Irvine, Orange County, and the surrounding areas particularly.

With a track record of success in Irvine and Orange County, Dallo Law Group is a winning firm. They have successfully defended clients in many situations, including innocent spouse releases, offers in compromises, and penalty discounts, among others.

They have also successfully battled the IRS bank holds. Their team is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds and career backgrounds. You can contact them to schedule a free consultation so their tax lawyer can review their plans for you.

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