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To promote educational equity, Texas plans to pay some of its top educators more than $100,000 annually in compensation for their work in the state’s most underprivileged schools, where COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the local economy and caused months or even years’ worth of educational loss.

Mohammed Choudhury, associate superintendent of strategy, talent, and innovation for the San Antonio Independent School District, stated, “we need our greatest teachers to be able to accomplish this task.” To progress beyond COVID-19 and to rebuild better, we need them to expand their work and leadership beyond the classroom.

 How to become a Texas Teacher?

 Ever pondered the Texas teaching requirements? Before teaching in a classroom, you must first have a bachelor’s degree or a certificate in Career Technical Education (CTE). The application procedure must be finished before testing and training may start. Lastly, as part of a certification program, you will complete a one-year internship.

 In addition to increasing current stipends, the new infusion of state funds from the Texas Education Agency’s Teacher Incentive Allotment will fundamentally shift the concept of “incentive pay” toward equity by using a payout structure that recognizes the accomplishments of excellent teachers in high-poverty schools.

 The result of an uncommonly cooperative Legislature in 2019 comes in the form of an unusual action for a state that is not known for progressiveness.


Following the 2018 midterm elections, where state Democrats won a sizable number of seats, the Legislature passed House Bill 3, which increased public education funding by $11.6 billion.

Currently, Texas teacher salary was average annual pay of $57,641. According to Texas Administrative Code, full-time registered nurses are the only non-certified workers that are eligible for a Chapter 21 contract.

The Instructor Incentive Allotment, with payments ranging from $3,000 to $32,000 per teacher, was established under the new law. The progressive structure of the stipend is unique for Texas, where Republicans control both chambers of the Legislature, even though incentive compensation is a favorite conservative reform tactic.

 Choudhury claimed that the possibility by $13,000 for the 2019–2020 academic year.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the new Texas teacher compensation would be roughly $8,000 higher than the national average for teachers in the 2018–2019 school year.

 Texas teachers’ current hourly pay in 2022

 Texas’s minimum public school teacher salary in 2021–2022 was $33,600 for those without experience, $45,500 for those with 10 years of experience, and $54,500 for those with 20 or more years. As you can see, a teacher’s experience level, full-time librarians and full-time counselors significantly impact an average teacher’s salary.

Texas teachers’ minimum salary is more likely to be greater the longer they remain in the profession. Additionally, public schools frequently give first-year teachers sign-on incentives and better pay for those credentialed in a subject with a high need.

 How much money do Texas teachers make?

Several variables, including years of experience, grade level, school districts, and cities, might affect a teacher’s income in Texas. The highest teacher salaries in Texas, for instance, range from $66,000 to $86,000. Additionally, Texas teachers in Houston make an average salary of $60,000, compared to $55,000 for those employed in Austin.

 American elementary school teachers’ salaries

 In the US, elementary classroom teachers make, on average, $24.05 per hour. 15.6k reported salaries, current as of October 30, 2022

 Evaluate the performance of teachers

 Texas decided to use student academic development rather than just a single year’s worth of success to assess instructors’ effectiveness. “Growth scores,” made popular by Stanford researcher Sean Reardon, are regarded as more fair and a better indicator of the teacher’s contribution.

 Standardized test results frequently correlate with family income, so pupils attend rich schools where grades are high. Teachers have every motive to desire to work in higher-income schools where their stipends are stable if districts add incentive pay for strong test scores alone.

Instead of focusing on test scores, teacher success may be demonstrated in every classroom, even when pupils are behind schedule.

 According to Choudhury, the state’s growth model “looks at where you take your kids, not where they started.” “Whether a student enters the classroom already proficient or is two years behind, every teacher should be expected to help them progress.”

 How much money do Texas elementary school teachers make?

 According to some reports, Texas elementary teachers start on about $56,000 annually. Due to educating students in higher grades or having greater work experience, other teachers in Texas might be paid more.

 How much money do Texas substitute teachers make?

 The pay for substitute teachers in Texas varies according to the campus, district, and region in which they work. If they hold a Texas teaching certification, substitute instructors in Texas can earn up to $100 per day. Long-term assignments in Texas can pay up to $125 per day for teachers.

 How much money do Texas special education teachers make?

 Texas pays special education instructors an annual salary of about $58,000. Special education teachers are in high demand. Hence their wages tend to be higher.

Different duties from those of ordinary instructors may apply to special ed teachers. They might need to teach their children fundamental skills or a modified curriculum outside the classroom.

Texas education agency

 According to John York, chief human resources officer for Longview ISD, the money that doesn’t go directly to teachers will be used to support instructors in non-testing grades in obtaining their National Board Certification, which will automatically qualify them for a state designation.

 All of our employees should have had a chance, according to York. “We want to have the highest salaries in the region.”

According to York, Longview ISD has a culture that values incentive pay. 11 teachers will earn more than $100,000 this year. The small district in northeast Texas, along with several other communities, contributed to the design of the state system, citing its effectiveness in keeping effective teachers in its schools with the lowest income levels.

 Low-poverty schools all around the nation see a lot of staff turnover, which makes it challenging to gain the kind of traction needed to improve.

According to York, incentive compensation has helped retain exceptional teachers in the schools where they are most needed.

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