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You can be qualified for workers’ compensation benefits if you sustain an injury or contract a disease at work. Most firms in Iowa are required by law to retain workers’ compensation insurance, but obtaining benefits is not always simple and clear.

 A committed lawyer at Hope Law Firm can aid you if an insurance company rejects your claim or violates any of your legal rights. They have assisted wounded Iowans in obtaining just compensation since 2003. Due to their knowledge of the workers’ compensation system and their aggressive and competent representation, they are strong defenders of your rights.

 They at LaMarca Law Group, P.C. have long been defenders of the security and rights of laborers. They advocate for the full financial assistance that deserving Iowans who work hard sustain when they are hurt at work. Their workers’ compensation practice is committed to assisting hurt or disabled employees in obtaining the benefits they are legally entitled to.

 Your Iowa workers’ compensation attorneys can assist you in applying for worker’s compensation or disability benefits if you or someone close to you has been hurt.


Practice Areas

They know the challenges and stumbling blocks you can encounter and how to overcome them.

Get in touch with them for help with the following key areas:

  •  Compensation for workers
  •  Workplace accidents
  •  Accidents on construction sites
  •  Disability compensation
  •  Their Teamwork-Based Methodology

Because there are so many different variables and parties involved in occupational injuries, workers’ compensation proceedings are complicated. The attorneys take a team-based approach to every matter to assist you better. Due to their legal team’s experience in various pertinent legal areas, including personal injury, medical malpractice, and business law, they can evaluate your case from all perspectives and determine the best course of action.

 The mission is to create safer workplaces.

 The trial attorneys at LaMarca Law Group, P.C. have successfully investigated and prosecuted many instances that have led to the adoption or improvement of safety standards in the workplace and other settings, making the world safer overall. Their trial lawyers are especially pleased with the victories in their cases that have resulted in these kinds of safety enhancements via modified standards or new or enhanced labor legislation.

 The Procedure For Work Comp Claims

 Although the procedure for receiving work comp compensation isn’t always simple, certain rules in Iowa have been passed to make it as simple as possible.

 You must first give your employer notice of the injury within 90 days. You can jeopardize your compensation if you don’t take action quickly. Once you’ve submitted an injury report to your employer, the procedure is out of control.

 Your employer must submit your claim to the insurer, who will review it and send you a letter outlining your benefits if approved or denied. Your company could experience severe repercussions if they choose not to tell the insurance. A knowledgeable work comp attorney in Des Moines can address any additional inquiries you may have or assist you in drafting an appeal if your claim has already been rejected.

 Employee Compensation

 It is hardly surprising that many workers who perform risky jobs suffer injuries. No matter how many safety measures they implement in their daily lives, they still run the chance of suffering an occupational injury. Things happen that are completely out of anyone’s control. No matter who was at fault, Iowa has workers’ compensation regulations in place to help anyone who has experienced or suffered from hearing loss, accidents, or occupational diseases.

 Iowa’s workers’ compensation legislation

You might not be aware of all the legal quirks in Iowa’s workers’ compensation legislation. Did you know that if you lose your thumb while working, you would be entitled to 60 weeks of benefits as opposed to only 35 weeks if you lose your first finger? Every single body part has been given a value, which varies depending on the limb. Did you know that you are entitled to interest payments if your employer’s insurance doesn’t pay you 11 days after obtaining a written report and medical verification? You are legally entitled to penalty costs if they transmit your charges to you excessively late.

 These are the problems that necessitate hiring counsel. A family may find it quite difficult to know what to do once a key member suffers an injury and the source of income is interrupted. Workers’ compensation legal procedures can be challenging and confusing.

Your Rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act of Iowa

Iowa’s workers’ compensation law establishes a no-fault insurance system to safeguard employees against illnesses and injuries sustained while working or on the job. According to Iowa’s workers’ compensation laws on the first day of your employment, coverage kicks in. Even if your error or negligence led to harm, you are still protected as long as it was work-related.

 Benefits comprise:

 Medical costs

All treatments deemed reasonable and necessary are covered in full by workers’ compensation.

 Temporary Total Disability

This benefit pays 80% of your spendable weekly earnings up to 200% of the weekly wage average for the state when an illness or disability prohibits you from working. When you start working again, the benefit is over.

 Temporary Partial Disability

This benefit covers 66 2/3% of the difference between your regular weekly earnings and your light duty earnings if you return to light duty while recovering and are paid less.

 Healing Period

This benefit pays 80% of your spendable weekly earnings up to 200% of the weekly wage average for the state while recovering from an illness or injury resulting in a permanent impairment. This benefit expires when you go back to work or when a doctor tells you your condition is not expected to improve.

 Permanent Partial Disability

This benefit pays 80% of your spendable weekly earnings up to 184% of the statewide weekly average for a specific number of weeks, depending on the nature of the disability; if your injury or illness has left you permanently disabled, but you are still capable of working. For instance, a worker who loses the use of a hand is entitled to benefits for 190 weeks, according to a workers’ compensation claim.

Death benefits

Up to 200% of the average weekly wage for the state, a surviving spouse, and dependent children are eligible for payments equal to 80% of the worker’s spendable weekly earnings.

 Unfortunately, you may be viewing a letter of denial for work comp. A minor error could result in you being responsible for the full cost of your suffering. This does not imply that you must handle your workers’ comp claim by yourself. A workers’ compensation lawyer can retrieve the medical expenses. The statute of limitations governs workplace injuries, and the deadline applies to accident and injury victims.

It establishes a deadline within which they can bring a lawsuit against the party liable for their injuries and other losses and seek financial compensation. It is crucial for anyone who may have workers’ compensation claims and lost wages to move quickly and contact an experienced attorney. If injured workers wait too long to bring a lawsuit, they may lose this entitlement entirely.

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