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Residents of Texas can obtain licenses from the Texas Department of Public Safety that is good for up to eight years. Driver licensing offices around the state are available by appointment only and provide services. Some driver licensing agencies could offer same-day appointments. Check this to see if you can complete your transaction online or need to go to a driver’s license office.

 Obtain a driving license for Texas

 A Texas driver license office proves your driving ability and is a recognized form of identification that can establish your identity. Only as an identification card is the Texas State ID used.

A driver education course must be finished, and the original certificate of completion must be presented at the driver’s license office by people between 18 and 24.

 People with valid driver’s licenses from another state, a U.S. territory, Canada, France, South Korea, or Germany are exempt from taking a driver’s education course.

 Web-based Services

 Did you know that most Texas IDs and DLs can be renewed up to two years before and after their expiration dates? Did you know that you can update your DL, CDL, ID, or motorcycle license without visiting a driver’s license office? You can also change your address or emergency contacts. Your DL, CDL, or ID may also be renewed online. Additionally, you can pay reinstatements, check your driving status, and get your driving history. A DL or ID transaction can also be completed over the phone or in the mail.

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 Services for Identification Cards

 Residents of Texas can obtain identity cards (IDs) from the Texas Department of Public Safety that is good for up to six years. These photo identification cards are recognized legal records that serve as identification proof. You cannot possess both a DL and an ID card.

 Application for a Texas Identification Card:

 Residents of Texas receive identification cards from the Department that are good for up to six years. When applying for an identification card, you must present the following documentation:

  • U.S. Citizenship or, if not, proof of lawful residency
  • residency in Texas 
  • Identity and 
  • The number for Social Security

Utilize our interactive REAL ID Document Check Application to help you prepare for your driver’s license office visit. Follow the instructions, and you will receive a personalized list of the secondary identity documents you need to bring.

 After assembling the required paperwork, you must perform the following:

  1. Before going to your local office, complete the identification card application (This form is available at all driver’s license offices).
  2. Schedule a time to visit a license office.
  3.  To the license and permission specialist, deliver the following supporting documentation:
    •  Submission of a request for an identity card
    •  U.S. Citizenship or, if you aren’t, proof of your legal presence in the country
    •  residency in Texas
    •  Personality, and
    •  The number for Social Security
  4.  Give your DL or ID your signature.
  5.  The thumbprints you have.
  6.  Take a photo of yourself.
  7.  I’ve paid the application cost.

You will be given a temporary ID card after your permanent one has been granted. Verify the accuracy of the information printed on your quick identification card before leaving the driver’s license office. Inform the licensing and permit specialist if any of the data is incorrect. The mail will deliver your new card in four to six weeks. Visit our mailing status website to verify the status of your card’s mailing.

 Veterans of the U.S. military

 Some disabled veterans can be entitled to a texas drivers license or ID card fee exemption. The Veteran Services page has further details on this service, including eligibility requirements ,unexpired texas boat registration and unexpired foreign passport.

 Temporary guests and international students

 A Texas identification card application requires additional qualifications from transient guests and international students. Visit the U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Presence Requirement website for further details. Attach original or certified copy of documents with temporary license

 Program for Address Confidentiality

 Visit the Address Confidentiality Program page for more details about the program.

 It should be noted that if you currently have a driver’s license, you must surrender it to apply for an identification card.

 Common Problems with Driver’s License Applications

  •  When a non-immigrant applies for a Texas driver’s license or state identification card, the Texas Department of Public Safety uses the SAVE System to confirm their status.
  •  Students may, unfortunately, encounter problems where DPS informs them that they “cannot validate your status” or “your status needs to be changed.”
  •  Students are frequently referred to the ISSS, but nearly never can our office does anything to help the kid.
  •  If you apply for a driver’s license and are informed that your application has been rejected, you must submit the following details to the ISSS at Intl.Stu@tamuc.edu along with your CWID, Full Name, and the problem you encountered.
  •  They will analyze your SEVIS record within a few business days (a business day is Monday through Friday).
  •  There is nothing more the ISSS can do if your record is accurate, live, and updated.
  •  Please be aware that students in the following circumstances can have difficulties obtaining a driver’s license:
  •  Students who enroll at A&M-Commerce for the first time or who have transferred apply for a driver’s license before the start of their first semester or before the ISSS registers them for SEVIS.

 Services for Commercial Driver’s Licenses

 An individual is permitted to drive a commercial motor vehicle or a fleet of vehicles used to transport people or goods if they have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Applicants need to understand that a commercial driver’s license is a professional license with additional testing requirements than other licenses. Click here to learn more about the prerequisites for getting a CDL.

 A Texas driver’s license serves as proof of your ability to drive and a recognized form of identification that can be used to establish your identity. Only as an identifying card is the Texas State ID used.

A Texas driver’s license and Texas State ID are available for application by any international student. The Texas Department of Public Safety issues both.

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