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 The Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Bering Sea marine employees employed by businesses with headquarters or incorporation in Seattle, Washington are served by the Seattle maritime injury attorneys at Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, LLP. They assist both domestic and foreign workers who are injured and their families who live in different states from coast to coast.

 Seattle WA Maritime Accident Attorney

 Pier 52 is one of the busiest ferry terminals in the United States, and Washington State has a population of over 7 million people, according to the United States Census Bureau. King County, the most populous county in Washington, contains Seattle maritime lawyers , Washington.

Call the lawyers at Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, LLP at 1 (800) 262-8529 if you operate at sea and operation of a vessel in Puget Sound or the nearby North Pacific waters. With decades of experience managing marine personal injury cases, their Seattle maritime and maritime lawyers may be able to secure compensation for your serious injury, whether they happened offshore or on land.

 The maritime sector employs many individuals in the State of Washington and King County. This covers employees who qualify for seaman status and, consequently, the protections offered by the Jones Act and general maritime law and who work at least 30% of the time on a U.S. vessel in navigable waters. According to law California workers who are hurt in an accident or become ill while aboard a ship have recourse under the Jones Act and knowledgeable maritime injury attorney .

 Maritime Attorneys With the Courage to Protect Your Future

 The maritime law experts at Trueb & Beard, LLC are well-known and admired. They have extensive knowledge in this area. They can immediately identify significant factual and legal concerns in your case because of our experience. They know how crew members injured in accidents while working on ships or fishing boats at sea can be fairly compensated.

 The Aleutian Enterprise, Arctic Rose, Alaska Ranger, and Katmai sank. Their attorneys have experience fighting maritime wrongful death claims on behalf of the families of crew members who perished in those accidents. They are particularly sympathetic to and aware of the losses experienced by families when a crew member expires needlessly while performing duties at sea. In the “Death on the High Seas Act” cases they litigated, they consistently overruled vessel owners’ requests to minimize culpability. Their maritime attorneys dare to speak out and defend your rights.

 A Comprehensive Overview Of Maritime And Admiralty Law

 The seattle maritime lawyer provides legal assistance to people and organizations in Alaska, Washington state, and the rest of the country. they have handled almost every eventuality involving shipping and sailing:


In cases and disputes involving marine collisions, they represent a variety of parties. This encompasses not only ship-to-ship collisions but also collisions between vessels and objects that are afloat, submerged, or partially submerged, as well as collisions with stationary shore infrastructure like docks and bridges.

 They seek Jones Act cases for captains and crew members hurt while working on ships and wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of bereaved families of sailors. Seaman’s injury and wrongful death.


They represent owners and other parties concerning crashes, fires, injuries sustained while on a boat, collection proceedings, disagreements over repairs, product liability claims for yacht flaws, and the enforcement or defense of yacht foreclosure/seizure.


They represent marinas and boat owners in legal disputes, such as those involving the recovery of moorage fees, defense against unlawful seizure due to excessive moorage fees, claims against marinas for fire damage to boats, premises liability claims against marinas, and the removal of abandoned vessels.

 Seaman wage claims: They represent officers and crew pursuing unpaid salaries and, when appropriate, punitive and statutory penalties. They also protect employers from erroneous wage claims.

 What can a maritime personal injury claim recover?

 The effects of a maritime catastrophe can be extremely detrimental to a worker’s personal and financial well-being. Some offshore injuries are discovered after the worker experiences pain several days after working on docks, production platforms, oil drilling rigs, or other nautical situations.

 Different laws apply to maritime accidents compared to typical land-based mishaps. The Jones Act, general maritime law, or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act often provide coverage for employees employed on boats and vessels in navigable waters. Rivers, canals, and the ocean are just a few examples of navigable waters.


 The Jones Act grants injured workers the right to full compensation for any losses incurred due to the accident that caused their injuries. This covers remuneration for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, past and future economic losses, and rehabilitation expenditures.

 It is crucial to contact a marine and admiralty law expert who can advise you on the laws that apply to your maritime claim and walk you through the process of obtaining the just compensation you are entitled to.

  1.   Claims under Common Maritime Law in King County
  2.   injuries caused by insufficient training
  3.   inadequate safety measures to prevent harm
  4.  Employers who failed to implement specific safety measures to reduce the risk of injury
  5.   Observed discomfort or problems following work on a ship or at a harbor
  6. Injury-causing work surfaces include ice or slippery decks.
  7.  Exposure to toxins

 Lifting and crane activities that are poorly executed or are not appropriately supervised


 Workers harmed in maritime operations due to carelessness are protected by general maritime law. When it comes to accidents, the naval sector may be harsh. All of your rights must be covered in the wake of your injury. For instance, maritime workers only have the legal right to maintenance and cure. A worker injured while on a vessel is entitled to compensation from the personal injury lawyer or shipowner.

 The recovery of compensation for medical costs and other losses in maritime injury claims is a useful option for wounded maritime workers, injured seamen, and commercial fishermen hurt aboard fishing vessels. By guiding you through the whole process and battling to hold the at-fault parties accountable for your injuries, they may help relieve the stress of filing an injury claim.

 Consult a maritime attorney with knowledge of maintenance and cure claims.

 A marine attorney and wrongful death attorney skilled in maintenance and cure, Jones Act negligence, and unseaworthiness claims should be consulted if you have been hurt while working at sea. Sophisticated medical professionals, claims adjusters, and attorneys for your business and the vessel owner are all striving to reduce the amount of money the insurance company will have to pay you. Shouldn’t you also have a knowledgeable marine attorney to offer counsel? According to federal maritime legislation, you have the right to equitable compensation for injuries brought on by negligence or unseaworthiness, as well as payment for your medical expenses.

 Their Washington aggressive maritime injury attorneys have the most knowledge of managing wrongful death cases in the country. They can secure just compensation for the families of those who have perished at sea thanks to their compassion, dedication, competence, and knowledge. Over 100 families have used their attorneys in wrongful death lawsuits. When you require assistance after a family member is lost at sea, practical experience acquired through many years of litigation is crucial.

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