IRS Tax Attorney Dallas: What You Need to Know

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Serious IRS tax issues require legal counsel. The practice is concentrated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where IRS have their base of operations. They do not operate a nationwide network of tax relief offices.

When clients in DFW ask for our assistance, they receive a DFW tax law firm rather than a national organization composed of non-lawyers who may be based all over the country. By resolving IRS issues, They give businesses and individual taxpayers complete peace of mind.

They have dealt with the IRS before, and throughout the years, they have built relationships that make us the go-to tax laws settlement lawyer in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. They guide you through the tax code and always work to get the best results for the taxpayer. Get the IRS notice , assistance you internal revenue service of an experienced dallas tax attorney.

 The Stanton D. Goldberg Law Firm

 Stanton Goldberg has more than 30 years of experience working as a CPA and a tax lawyer. He works hard to secure the best result for each client and is a devoted and relentless champion for them. In the IRS administrative processes and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, which concern multi million dollar corporations claims tax court.

He is there for you every step of the way, fighting for you, taking care of your legal issues, responding to your inquiries, and easing your anxieties because he is aware of the stress of dealing with tax issues and the IRS.

 The Law Office of Stanton D. Goldberg is renowned for its honesty, dedication, tailored service, and individual care. Contact Stanton D. Goldberg right away to begin your journey toward mental tranquility and monetary security.

 Services Provided

 In terms of tax matters, Stanton D. Goldberg has extensive knowledge. He has dallas tax lawyers in texas law office which defended hundreds of citizens and businesses in battles with the IRS. He can handle various problems and difficulties relating to corporate law, estate planning, asset protection, IRS disputes, and tax law.

His clients range from small businesses making millions of dollars to individual taxpayers, and he has assisted them in navigating the complexities and pitfalls of the IRS tax code. Stanton D. Goldberg created the Law Offices of Stanton D. Goldberg in 1993 to represent tax litigation in IRS tax system and company owners with severe legal difficulties regarding taxes and the IRS.


You can rely on his competence to help resolve your tax problems and challenges. Clients look to Stanton, a highly skilled tax lawyer and Certified Public Accountant with more than 30 years of expertise, for advice and insights to help them resolve even the most challenging tax problems. Big or little.

 Dallas IRS Debt Relief

 Our tax relief lawyers assist taxpayers in escaping difficult circumstances. They help you look into debt relief options like offers in compromise, penalty

Dallas IRS Payroll Taxes

reductions, IRS installment arrangements, the IRS new start initiative, and tax relief for innocent spouses.

 Dallas unfiled tax returns

 Possessed unfiled tax returns? Our expertise can be of assistance to you. Our tax debt attorneys collaborate with you and the IRS to file all unfiled returns and minimize any negative effects of filing them late. About unfiled taxes, the sooner you act, the better the result!

 Dallas tax liens and levies

 They provide some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top help with IRS tax liens. It is simpler to prevent a tax lien from being filed than to remove one once it has been filed, so let us help you do that. They also assist many taxpayers by advocating before the IRS to get tax liens lifted from their real estate.

 One of the most important issues facing businesses is payroll taxes. Our IRS lawyers assist businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth region with compliance with payroll tax regulations and handling potential problems.

They provide IRS payroll tax assistance, including helping people subject to the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty for unpaid payroll taxes.

 Services Important Points

 Dallas tax attorney with experience

 When attempting to get favorable results with the IRS, experience is of the utmost importance. They bring years of IRS tax resolution expertise to the table in Dallas.

 Customized Tax Assistance in Dallas

They investigate each situation thoroughly and develop a tailored solution plan to pursue the most effective courses of action to address each customer’s unique issues. There is no one-size-fits-all solution regarding IRS tax issues in all of Dallas and Fort Worth. For assistance with your dallas tx thoroughout irs tax problems contact the attorney.

 Complete mental calm

 IRS tax issues can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Choosing the best IRS tax problem solution gives a much-needed piece of mind.

 Complete dedication and care

 Our group of IRS tax attorneys will stop at nothing to find the best solution to your IRS problem. Every step of the way, they keep you updated on all the developments as they build and argue your case before the IRS.

 What is tax reconsideration by the IRS?

 A tax audit by the IRS can be a stressful ordeal. If you don’t take appropriate action when the IRS gives you a tax bill or document you disagree with, things could quickly get out of control. There is still a method to make things right if you have been the target of an IRS tax investigation and are unhappy with the conclusions.

You can request that your case be reopened for review via the IRS audit reconsideration process. If you live in Dallas, Texas, speaking with a tax attorney, there might be your best bet for finding a solution. This blog post examines the IRS audit reconsideration in more detail.

 Any taxpayer subject to an IRS tax inquiry may feel anxious. It is advised that you see a capable tax attorney in Dallas, Texas if you find yourself in such a predicament so they can assist you in arguing your case.

There is no better place to go in Dallas for IRS tax assistance than the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth. Our team of knowledgeable Dallas tax attorneys is available to help regarding IRS tax investigations and a variety of other IRS tax issues.

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