Gay Rape: Startling Facts

by Editor

The Syrian government and non-state armed groups, particularly the extremist armed group Islamic State, have been raping men, boys, and transgender women since the start of the crisis in Syria in March 2011. (also known as ISIS).

The global pandemic of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections has a disproportionately negative impact on sexual and gender identity

Men who are gay or bisexual—or thought to be—and transgender women- are more vulnerable to sexual violence and gay rape in Syria than heterosexual men and boys.

 Gay Rape: Gay as non consensual sex victims

 The analysis is done on 930 gay men who live in England and Wales who engaged in non consensual sexual activity. One-third of these sexual assaults heterosexual male survivor had been coerced into sexual assualted (typically anal intercourse) by men with whom they had previously or were currently having consensual sexual activity.

According to national sexual assault hotline male sexual assault and gay rape 27.6% reported having experienced sexual assault or having sex against their will at some point in their lives.

The claim that male rape is typically committed by men who identify as heterosexual, particularly as an act of dominance and control, is unsupported.

 The horrifying truth about homophobic rape Publication of Navi Pillay in The Asian.

 The rainbow country philosophy, which holds that everyone deserves respect and equal rights and that diversity is a source of strength, is among the most influential concepts South Africa has given the world.

The so-called “corrective” or “punitive” rape has undermined all the rainbow nation stands for. Therefore it is especially upsetting that the country founded under Nelson Mandela’s watchful eye is now the scene of this evil phenomenon.

 All acts of rape are disgusting and terrible crimes that can never be ignored or tolerated. Because they are or are thought to be lesbian or gay, women and occasionally men are targeted for “corrective” or “punitive” rape and severely violated.

Attacks of this nature frequently combine a fundamental lack of regard for women, which often amounts to misogyny, with ingrained homophobia. They are a part of a larger pattern of sexual violence.

 Finding accurate statistics on “corrective” or “punitive” rape is challenging. It is hard to determine the real scope of the issue. There are many rape crisis centers working for sexual aspect.

Let alone hold offenders accountable, without a more systematic method for monitoring, registering, and investigating such crimes. Many incidents don’t receive much attention, and those that do might not be correctly classified as homophobic hate crimes.

 Finding accurate statistics on “corrective” or “punitive” rape is challenging. It is hard to determine the real scope of the issue, let alone hold offenders accountable, without a more systematic method for monitoring, registering, and investigating such crimes.

Many incidents don’t receive much attention, and those that do might not be correctly classified as homophobic hate crimes.

 Male sex offense

  • The level of homophobia in society today is such that many gay men experience internal problems regarding their sexuality.
  •  A homosexual guy who has experienced sexual assault might think he “deserved it” and was “paying the price” for his sexual orientation.

 Unfortunately, the ignorance or intolerance of others who place the responsibility on the victim by implying that a gay victim in some way initiated the assault or was less hurt by it because he was gay can encourage this self-blame.

 Gay men may be reluctant to disclose a sexual assault out of concern for retaliation, denial, or bigotry by law enforcement or medical professionals.

As a result, heterosexual male survivors gay and bisexual men might not receive the legal protections and medical attention they need after being attacked.

 If there are so many male survivors, why don’t I know any of them?

 Similar to female survivors, most male survivors never disclose being assaulted, not even to individuals they know and trust.

 They worry about being shunned, mocked, disregarded, embarrassed, accused of weakness, or asked about their sexual orientation.Worst of all, males worry that they will be responsible for the attack since they are not “man enough” to defend themselves in the event of an assault.

 For all of these reasons, many male survivors choose to remain silent and by themselves rather than take the chance of being violated again by individuals around them.

 How often do men suffer from sexual assault?

 While the percentages differ from study to study, most studies indicate that 10–20% of all guys will experience sexual misconduct at some point in their lies. This means that alongside hundreds of thousands of children and women, tens of thousands of boys and men are abused yearly.

 Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys Resulting From Conflict

 Various perpetrators have utilized rape and other sexual violence against women, men, girls, and boys as a tactic and practice of war in different scenarios A jail rape commonly referred to as prison rape, is rape that experienced sexual violence that occurs inside of a prison.


 Boys and men are affected by CRSV in various ways. In detention settings, by state security forces, non-state actors, and other detainees, as well as in non-detention settings, by non-state armed groups, research has shown that men and boys are victims of rape (such as penetration of organs or other objects) and various types of sexual violence (such as forced nudity, genital violence, enforced witnessing of sexual violence, the threat of rape, castration, and sterilization).

 The purpose of sexually assaulted against boys and men

 The use of sexual violence against men and boys, according to sexual violence academics, is frequently used to dehumanize and humiliate the victims while strengthening the power relationships between male offenders and survivors.

 In other words, the attacker establishes authority over the victim through rape or sexual assault in a gay rape case. According to a study conducted by the UN secretary-general in 2002 by Security Council resolution 1325 (2000):

 Male detainees or captives are frequently sexually abused, tortured, and mutilated to assault and destroy their sense of masculinity or manhood.

 Misrepresentation and Under reporting

 Conflict-related sexual violence is significantly under reported, just like all other forms of it, and this is especially true when men and boys are the victims. Furthermore, conflict-related sexual violence against men and boys is frequently only reported as torture or other forms of violence in surveys, studies, and legal proceedings, hiding the extent to which they are affected and impeding the delivery of appropriate and specialized services related to the sexual nature of the crime.Thus, the figures don’t accurately represent the situation.

 Male survivors of sexual violence and gay rape are similarly discouraged from coming forward by the stigma and shame surrounding the subject, fueled by gender stereotypes.

 According to “I Lost My Dignity,” a report presented to the Human Rights Council by the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria COI):

 Male victims also experience chronic physical and mental health problems, such as depression, frequently made worse by their unwillingness to admit their experiences to others, largely because they fear that their perceived loss of masculinity will prevent them from fulfilling traditional gender roles.

 According to Abdullah-Khan (2008; 3), “male rape remains one of the most ignored issues in our society” as a result of “a mix of cultural, societal, legal, and psychological issues.”

Men who have experienced rape and are not treated become mute and are denied access to justice, social inclusion, and health and social assistance. It sets off a catastrophic trajectory for many males, especially in sexual behavior.

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