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The Hull Practice is a law firm in Austin tx with attorneys specializing in DWI arrests in Travis County, Hays County, and Williamson County. Texas DWI laws are a specialty of their attorneys and has law offices in the firm.

Since its founding, The Hull Firm has developed a reputation for professionalism, commitment to meeting clients’ requirements, and success in resolving criminal defense. Whether it is your first Austin DWI in Texas or you have a more sophisticated issue.

 A Texas DWI

 In Austin, Texas, The Hull Firm is a criminal defense company specializing in DWI arrests (Hays County, Williamson County, and Travis County). Their experienced dwi attorney have years of devoted experience with the knowledge, experience, and vision to help customers find affordable, innovative solutions to their legal problems. Get information regarding your DWI arrest with a free consultation.

 Finding a DWI lawyer with experience in Austin, Texas

 Be aware that the experience of your Austin DWI Lawyer in Texas is crucial while choosing legal representation. Regardless of the outcome, your future will be impacted by how your defense case is handled.

The difference between getting a favorable outcome and a poor outcome can be made by having Texas Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists* on your side.

Many of the criminal defense lawyers at Dunham & Jones spent years honing their courtroom techniques as assistant district attorneys. It is familiar with criminal and dwi defense and experienced dui lawyer .

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 Dunham & Jones has amassed a very impressive track record of DWI charges being dropped, dismissed, or reduced. The goal of the criminal defense lawyers at Dunham & Jones is always to have your Austin DWI accusation dismissed or reduced to a traffic ticket, while every DWI in Travis County is unique.

 Their legal costs are reasonable and competitive, particularly for Texas Board Certified criminal defense attorney . They often charge a cheap fixed amount for DWI cases and don’t normally ask for a deposit. Their Austin DWI attorneys can help you handle your case by Austin lawyers .

Free initial advice is provided. Dunham & Jones is a wise choice for people looking for the finest criminal defense attorneys for legal assistance at a fair and reasonable price, considering their legal skills and track record of successful case outcomes.

 DWI attorneys

 If you are operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (blood alcohol level of.08 or more) or if your mental or physical faculties are impairing, you may be charged with DWI. In Texas, several circumstances can lead to a DWI arrest and subsequent prosecution. This includes that a DWI arrest can be made even if no alcohol or drugs have been used.

The interaction between a personal injury claim and the criminal dwi of driving while intoxicated is interesting to consumers. According to Section 49.01 of the Texas Penal Code, being “intoxicated” means having an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher or not being able to use your mental or physical faculties normally due to the ingestion of alcohol, a controlled substance, a drug, a dangerous drug, or a combination of two or more of those substances.

The most frequent criminal violation in the US is driving while intoxicated (DUI conviction). Many trustworthy drivers with otherwise perfect records who were arrested for DUI found their lives turned upside down and unable to recover. The State might examine the blood that was drawn with the use of a toxicology report. In other words, you could still face DWI charges even if you haven’t had any alcohol but have taken drugs.

 DWI Penalties in Texas

Texas has harsh DWI penalties. First-time DWI offenders risk up to a year in jail, a $6,000 fine, court expenses, a suspended license, and a felony conviction that lasts a lifetime. The severity of the offense increases the fines and jail time. Multiple DWI convictions carry a maximum 10-year jail sentence.

 An important note regarding your Texas Driver’s License

 After being charged with DWI in Travis County, you have only fifteen (15) days to ask for a hearing on your Texas driver’s license. By Texas DWI rules, if you don’t ask for a hearing, your driver’s license could be suspended, and you could face years of high fines.

You should retain competent legal counsel for this hearing if you choose to contest the license suspension. Your criminal defense lawyer can question the arresting police officer if you are represented at this license hearing. It might be highly helpful to your DWI defense case to establish the police officer’s perspective by having them testify.

 What occurs if my license is revoked? If I’m given a DWI, how can I continue to drive?

 If you are convicted of a DWI in Texas, the court could order that you get an SR-22 to get and keep your driver’s license. This kind of insurance must be maintained for a minimum of two years. In addition to notifying the court if the coverage is canceled at any point during the two-year term, your insurance company will inform the court of the certification.

 An occupational driver’s license is available (ODL). But there are prerequisites and limitations. You must either sign an affidavit declaring that you require an ODL to go to work or school, or receive an abstract of your driving history, an SR-22, and a copy of your pay stub, to obtain an ODL.

Don’t hesitate to contact the legal offices of their skilled Austin DWI attorneys and Austin DWI lawyers for a free assessment of your DWI arrest or case. Keep in mind that there are requirements and restrictions.

 What impact will a DWI have on my Insurance Rate?

 Any component of your driving experience impacted by a DWI will negatively affect your personal life. You can discover that your insurance is raising the cost of your insurance coverage after losing your driving privilege and getting it back.

Your insurance rate will increase if you have a Austin DWI. And you’ll discover that you have to compare prices from different vendors. According to statistics, a DWI can increase your rate by up to 50%. When you consider your punishments and requirements, this is a significant price to pay. Techniques for Self-Protection

You can take measures to avoid needing an Austin DWI lawyer.

Here are some suggestions from their qualified DWI lawyers & attorneys.

  1.  Avoiding drinking and driving is the most obvious way to avoid getting into trouble and protect yourself and others from danger.
  2.  Before leaving for the evening, agree to utilize a driving service. Take a cab, Lyft, or Uber, for instance, to get you home at the end of the night. By doing this, you will avoid the enormous hassle of going through hoops to get and keep your driver’s license and your independence.
  3.  Decide who will be your designated driver for the evening if you are traveling with a group. If you regularly go out with your group, think about rotating designated drivers so that nobody feels left out of the fun.

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