Top 10 Services that Private Investigators provide

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With so many myths associated with private investigators and inaccurate representations in film and television, there are a lot of misconceptions about what these professionals can legally do.

The name “private investigators” often conjures images of shady characters skulking around corners with cameras, or badgering people with questions. And, while there are “investigators” that fit that description, a professional investigative agency is not scary. In fact, these experts can be trusted partners.

Following is a complete list of different types of services that a private investigator may provide:

Address History and Address Verification

All clients who desire a full criminal background check service should have an address history verification. This solution will help validate data, lead criminal background checks, and provide behavioural insight.

The addition of an address history verification not only validates the already obtained address information but also often includes new addresses and individuals that need to be examined for probable criminal behaviour.

Adult/Child Abduction (see Missing Persons)

Globalization and social media have made it easier to meet new acquaintances, lovers, and spouses. Sadly, predators may easily seek and communicate with potential victims, whether they are lonely adults, confused teens, or little toddlers.

Asset Search and Recovery

Asset Recovery reveals a person’s or company’s financial profile. Asset Recovery can help with many business decisions. Asset recovery investigations range from simple public records searches to in-depth “deep” asset investigations that uncover hidden assets like offshore accounts.

Bankruptcy Verification

A bankruptcy, insolvency, or credit check is a broad inquiry and check of an individual or company’s financial solvency. You can find out if someone has been declared bankrupt or insolvent in the past, or if they’ve had serious credit troubles. These checks can help you understand how this person or company manages (or mismanages) their finances.

Bankruptcy occurs when an individual or company is legally unable to pay its creditors. Insolvency is the inability to pay one’s debts on time.

Those who have been declared bankrupt may not be allowed to assume responsible positions. Bankruptcy can also disqualify someone from pursuing direct or indirect managerial roles in a corporation.

Criminal Defense Investigation

A PI is an important part of a criminal defense case. Every defense lawyer and defense team needs help to build a case to demonstrate reasonable doubt and acquit their client. ASG’s tenacious private investigators have years of expertise gathering evidence and locating witnesses for attorneys.

Digital Video Surveillance

Investigations help develop and install video surveillance systems for clients, from single cameras to full-scale systems. Depending on the situation, cameras might be overt, covert, or both. Surveillance experts can design systems for both the long and short term.

Following are several uses for surveillance systems:

  • Loading Docks
  • Cash Register Control
  • Night Vision Systems
  • Fraud & Theft
  • Parking Lots
  • Hidden Cameras

Document Retrieval

DR is a mandatory method for registering rights, resolving disputes, and filing claims. Moreover, most documents must be retrieved immediately, as their validity periods are fixed. After all, the delay between their order and your receipt can be extremely long. Also, dragging out the same litigation for years, asking for leave from work, and seeking for and receiving all these certificates and documentation is incredibly inconvenient.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking devices give efficient and cost-effective evidence. They changed the way PI firms conduct surveillance and investigations. GPS trackers can locate automobiles within feet.

Public Records Search

The government creates public records to record life occurrences. Marriage, a court ruling, homeownership, and military service are examples. These records might help you learn about a company or person’s background.

Common public records searches include:

  • Driving records
  • Credit records
  • Property records
  • Court records
  • Records relating to bankruptcies and judgments
  • Criminal records
  • Prison records
  • Records that list assets
  • Financial records
  • Marriage records

Adoption Inquiries and Research

Adoption questions entail more than a simple genealogical search. It’s critical to understand the documents created during an adoption process while conducting a post-adoption search. It’s critical to know the state and federal laws in effect at the time of the occurrence and your search. Knowing state access laws prepares you as a genealogist in case access is mistakenly refused.

To start an adoption search, interview extended family members and gather information from home. Request an original birth certificate and court documents if adoption records are open or closed. Sign up for your state’s adoption registry or medical information exchange. In some states, the original birth certificate’s non-identifying information (OBC).

You may contact the agency or court supportive services to request non-identifying information.

  • Examine orphanage records.
  • In the case of Roman Catholic adoptions, enquire about baptism.
  • Sacramental records are accessible to all parties involved and may include identifiable information about birth family members.
  • Check for records if the birth mother resided in a maternity home. Inquire at the hospital for personal medical records.
  • Using an online family tree, create timelines for each family member. Keep track of locations, ages, and other identifiers, and update the timelines when new information becomes available.
  • Be prepared to pay fees

Finally, you must plan for any scenario. The finest outcomes for adoption searches in your family history are jointly agreed upon, so remember that a little flexibility goes a long way.

Final Words

Too often we think of private investigators as only catching cheating spouses or tracking down people who don’t want to be found. While most investigators do both, a professional investigator typically offers a full-range of services as discussed above.

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