6 Powerful Reasons Why you need an Elder Law Attorney

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Elder Law Attorney

The duties of Elder law attorneys entail handling all legal issues that may arise as a result of the human aging process. Elder law is a rather large umbrella and covers the areas that are most practical to the problems that seniors face. Our researchers at thelawaroundhere have outlined the reasons why you need an Elder Law Attorney.

Who are the Elderly?

The elders, or seniors as they are popularly called, are people we should honor, respect, and embrace. They are the reason we are living today. Elders are our past and our future. They are those individuals who are experiencing a new way of life.

They are all those who have served our nation in more ways than one and have retired. Being retired does not mean that they are no longer needed. They now occupy a special position in society as historians, moral teachers, and guardians.

Elders have no problem speaking out their minds. They are patient, tolerant, and exceptionally good listeners and are very interesting to listen to. Among them, we find a greater number of honest, sincere, and loving people. They have the wealth of experience that every young millennial should learn from.

Why is Elder Law Important?

History and past researches have revealed that many young scholars today pay little or no attention to learning about Elder Law. You might be toeing the same path. But the truth remains that aging is a natural process that we all must experience; hence it is only rational that we all should have some knowledge about this area of the law – all of us, young and old. Elder law can help us when we start getting old. Aside from that, we can also offer some help for seniors by imparting what we learn as early as today.

Elder Law Attorneys play a vital role in helping us understand clearly about this law. They are legal professionals who specialize in the area of law that focuses on representing, counseling and assisting seniors or aged people in a variety of legal issues. Generally, they help seniors in addressing legal, medical, financial, social, and family issues, with emphasis on promoting the highest quality of life for them.

Why do I need an Elder Law Attorney?

After so many years of hard work, you deserve to make the most of your retirement and to occupy your rightful place in our society.

However, the highly anticipated peace of mind is not always there. Most seniors may face:

  • To your LOSS OF AUTONOMY or that of one of your relatives – power of attorney – mandate in the event of incapacity, – protection regime
  • To the preservation of your HOME or your ACCOMMODATION
  • To your HOME CARE
  • To the preservation of your HERITAGE
  • To exercise your rights as GRANDPARENTS (Right of access for your grandchildren)
  • TO financial, physical, and psychological ABUSE, NEGLIGENCE and DISCRIMINATION towards the elderly
  • On the DEATH of a loved one (Testament)

Elder law attorneys practice in the area of​elder law and help protect the rights of the aged and vulnerable while they are staying in an elderly home or receiving long-term care. These professionals also help protect the rights of seniors under tenure and incapacity. They are particularly sensitive to the work that must be done when an older person is abused by a family member or health care professional. They are adequately trained to act and stand up for older people in cases of abuse or neglect to ensure that their rights are respected.

A good elder law attorney is particularly sensitive to the cause of the elderly and they work in the defense of their cause, concerning the following:


It is prudent to prepare a mandate for incapacity before an accident or impairment of your faculties occurs. Elder Lawyers with their wealth of experience, work with other qualified notaries in the field to allow the implementation of mandates that will best protect elders and their families.


It is a sad fact in our society that many seniors are subject to abuse. Whether it is financial abuse or any other type of abuse, it is imperative to act effectively to limit the damage, the harmful situation, and, where possible, to reverse the situation. People who try to exploit elders can be family members like children, siblings, grandchildren, nephews, or nieces. It could also be people who have gained the trust of their victims and who have a certain level of control over them. An elder lawyer mainly uses the 42 U.S.C. 3058i – Prevention of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation and other relevant charters of Human Rights and Freedoms in championing the fight against these injustices.

Financial abuse

Seniors are rightly considered to be people in need of protection within the ambit of the law. People who feel concerned by a situation of abuse or who suspect a situation of abuse should consult an elder law attorney. Depending on the circumstances, the lawyer may intervene to put an end to situations of abuse, to claim damages, to prevent further abuse from being committed, or to protect an elderly person against possible abuse.

Healthcare professionals

Most of the health care professionals who work in nursing homes or at home are admirable when you consider their work and their responsibility in the care of our beloved seniors. However, this is not always the case. Indeed, one of the terrible reasons elder law attorneys intervene in these cases is when a helpless elderly person experiences a situation of abuse by a health care professional in charge. A lawyer can be of help at all levels. Elder Law firms so as far as carrying out investigations by placing hidden cameras and to gather all the necessary evidence, to claim damages, to seek injunctions, to negotiate or to institute a lawsuit if this proves to be necessary.

Human rights

Elder law firms consider it important to protect the rights guaranteed to every person in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This particularly applies to vulnerable people such as children, people with disabilities, or the elderly in our society. If you are worried about your situation or that of a loved one relating to a state of incapacity, tutorship, curatorship, or mandate, lawyers can help you restore your rights. They work hard and use their knowledge and experience to make sure you have the best chance for success in a happy and safe life.

Help for the elderly

For the elderly who are still capable, but who find it difficult to take care of their affairs, the elder law attorney will help you set up protection regimes for adults such as guardianship and the completion of general mandates to allow administration.

In conclusion, elder law attorneys have a detailed knowledge of the issues facing seniors and the special skill set needed to help them navigate such issues.

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