How much do Immigration Lawyers make?

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The increasing trends of traveling for studies or business purposes has increased the demand for Immigration Lawyers as well. Immigration lawyers provide advice and guidance for different matters regarding Immigration, such as visa applications, legal green cards, working opportunities, or employment for other countries’ citizens.

Immigration Lawyers also provide help regarding deportation issues. The specialized immigration lawyers spend most of their working time with other people who face difficulties with immigration requirements while spending far less time handling other civil disputes.

Immigration Lawyers play the role of a mediator between clients and immigration companies who provide immigration services. Immigration lawyers also deal with the new resident of the country for the sake of legal transition into legit citizenship immigration.

They can help the people to protect their clients from deportation and provides counsel about a work visa and related concerns. Immigration lawyer works with those people who have their bearing in the states.

Now the question is, how much do Immigration Lawyers make? The answer to this question depends upon different factors. Every lawyer has different criteria upon which he decides the amount of pay. Some Immigration Lawyers deal on an hourly basis, while others on flat-fee charges. But the first consultation fee is a must.

Normally in the very first meeting, you meet the lawyer, discuss your case with him completely. He figures out your case thoroughly, considering all the facts, gives you advice looking into the situation, and then tells you the estimate of his fee. That first consultation fee is a must to pay. If you hire the lawyer for the case, he will tell you about the charges looking into intensity.

Sometimes they charge hourly, i.e., after every meeting, they charge as per hour basis for the total time they give you. While sometimes, the flat fee is set that is given at the end of the whole procedure.

The lawyer might ask for some amount in advance and the rest of the money at the end. Moreover, they can also ask for the additional costs from you, such as photocopying cost, fuel cost, and stuff like that. You can negotiate the charges with the lawyer.

According to a survey, Immigration Lawyers on average charge 75 dollars to the range of 150 dollars for a 30 min consultation. If you are consulting for the first time, it may cost you about 100 dollars.

After the first consultation, it will get a bit lower—an average of 150 dollars to 300 dollars per hour per meeting. The basic immigration consultation and legal services may cost you 250 dollars at a minimum and up to 800 dollars. And the range goes on depending upon the type of case.

If you need assistance on the green card case, the pay range will go from 800 dollars to 5000 dollars. These are the average amounts that an Immigration Lawyer makes. The pay depends upon the lawyer, its experience, and the ability to work. An experienced Immigration Lawyers can make a good amount of money, and it’s a good career choice.

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